Monday, August 25, 2008

September is SBS Buzz Month

I posted the latest SMB Email this morning. If you're not a subscriber, go to and sign up. FREE.

With Events and Pre-Day events in Australia and the U.S., I count 26 SBS-focused events in September. Now, of course, I haven't been given information for all the other countries in the world. Send your in-person events and I'll add them to the calendar.

Anyway, that's quite a little Buzz Factory for SBS and for SMB Consultants.

Somewhere on that list, I hope you'll find an event to attend.

If not, there's a ton of online training, webinars, and podcasts.

If you haven't touched SBS 2008, you've got about 6-8 weeks before it starts showing up.

- - - - -

Tip of the Hat to Erick Simpson

Just before we went live with my SMB Conference Call a few weeks ago, Erick informed me that my account included the ability to have 1,000 guests. I primarily use that account for client-focused seminars, so I didn't know I had that many lines!

Anyway, I've decided to move the SMB Conference Call over to that service. My teleconference service does most things well and a few things poorly. So I'm going try the other service I'm already paying for.

For recording, I've acquired and tested a product called EZPhone Recorder. Seems to work great and should allow me to get the SMB Conference Call posted to the web site in short order.

NOTE: this means you need to now Register for the SMB Conference Call.

Go do that now so you don't forget.

- - - - -

The next SMB Conference Call is on Zero Downtime Migration.

That means no company-wide downtime for any critical functions. And less than one our of downtime per desktop.

It means doing system migrations during the day (8 AM to 5 PM), at a leisurely pace. Low stress.

It means your customers can go on making money while you migrate the network.

Find out how: Wednesday, Sept. 3rd at 9:00 AM Pacific.

Register Now.


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