Monday, April 29, 2024

Gozynta's Eureka Process Announces the Launch of their Groundbreaking Growth Program for MSPs

I got this Press Release from my friends at Gozynta . . .

Gozynta's Eureka Process Announces the Launch of their Groundbreaking Growth Program for MSPs

April, 2024 -

The Growth Program by Eureka Process represents a unique blend of the company's extensive expertise, crafted to support MSPs at any stage of their growth, whether at the inception of their business journey or when looking for a successful exit. This program aims to address the challenges MSPs face, including hiring difficulties, navigating mergers and acquisitions, enhancing service delivery, and much more, with a personalized approach tailored to each MSP's specific needs.

Eureka Process, a Gozynta company, renowned for its comprehensive process, tools, and strategic consulting services within the MSP industry, announces the launch of its innovative Growth Program designed specifically for MSPs seeking sustainable growth and operational excellence.

Heather Johnson, co-founder&COO of Gozynta, as well as the mind behind the Growth Program, describes it:

“It’s like having a C-suite of advisors that help you along the way… MSPs should always be prepared for what lies around the corner and not scramble when emergencies arise. That is what we are here to help achieve.”

The program covers all critical areas such as Human Resources, Company Purchases, Service Delivery, Sales and Marketing Coaching, Culture Development, Tools Efficiency Analysis, Personal Support, and Finance & Exit Preparations. Each participant in the Growth Program will also receive a sapling, representing the growth and flourishing partnership between Eureka Process and the MSPs it supports.

Eureka Process' founder, Allen Edwards, says:

"Since the acquisition of Eureka Process, we’ve been working hard to bring our existing expertise and systems to our community in fresh and new ways. With the help of Gozynta’s leadership and support teams, we realized that goal today with the Eureka Growth Program.."

The Growth Program will also be featured in the upcoming YouTube series hosted by MSP Media Network, “How to Grow an MSP,” premiering this summer. Tune in for an inspiring look into the program’s impact on Processor Centre, fall in love with the people, the story, and the mission, and really see the Growth Program in action.

The Eureka Growth Program is accepting applications from MSPs looking to elevate their business operations, strategic positioning, and, ultimately, their market success. To sign up for your call with the Eureka team, email [email protected] for any questions.


Tuesday, April 16, 2024

MSP Professional Sales - 5 week class starts April 23rd

The MSP Professional Sales Program - 5W22

Taught by James Kernan

Five Tuesdays - April 23 - May 21

Register Now - Only $399

All classes start a 9:00 AM Pacific

Want to master MSP sales? 

Do you want to stand out from your competitors and win more Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR)?  How about winning more business from existing customers and becoming “sticky” so you are the top-of-mind partner when opportunities arise?  By using the “Value Based Selling” sales process you will be more successful in sales!

This course will give you your own Sales Playbook template that you can customize to make your own. Get everyone on your team following the same blueprint to success!

We will help teach you how to get leads from your strategic partners and how to run more marketing campaigns for a fraction of the price of your competitors.  We will give you our Annual Marketing Plan template so you can develop your own series of campaigns that will work in your local geography.

Whether you are an owner operator that wants to improve your sales skills, or one who is starting to hire a team, you need a sales process for ALL to follow.  In this course you will learn the “Value Based Consultative Sales” process. This is an 8-step process that will help you quickly move from qualifying to closing.  Then more importantly, keeping the customer for life with QBR’s (Quality Business Reviews)

We will give you over 10 (ten) handout exercises that will help you create your own Sales Playbook, Annual Marketing Plan, Sales Process, Qualifying Process, and more!

Furthermore, we will teach you what to do when the customer says no to your recommendations by giving you tips and techniques to win the deal.  Other documents provided are Denial of Services Letter, Letter of Understanding, Assessment Presentation template, QBR Checklist and USP.   We will help you stand out from your competition, by helping you develop your unique selling proposition.

Weekly Agenda:

1. What is Value Based Selling?

  • Why value-based selling is best
  • 5 principles of value-based selling
  • Matching your solution to their business challenge

2. Qualifying

  • Why you do not chase after every opportunity
  • 8 step process to qualify all opportunities
  • The power of NO

3. Sales Process

  • 7 step sales cycle
  • Emotional sales cycle
  • The customers buying process

4. Framework for Successful Sales Departments

  • Create your Sales Plan
  • Goals/KPIs
  • Compensation Plans
  • Sales Skill Training/Mentoring
  • Staffing the sales team

5. Negotiating/Closing

  • How to overcome objections
  • Trial closes
  • How to ask for the order
  • Letter of Understand technique

About James Kernan

James Kernan is the author of the 36 Month Millionaire Program, and recently published books, Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives and Business Tips. For the past 12 years, James has served as a Principal Consultant for Kernan Consulting and provides Coaching, Advising and Mentoring programs to entrepreneurs and leaders. Kernan Consulting offers One on One Coaching, CEO Peer Groups, M&A Consulting and online training programs.

James is a frequent speaker for TechSelect, CompTIA, XChange, Convergence, Robin Robins Bootcamp, HTG, Mastermind Peer Groups, SMB Nation, SMB TechFest, and Microsoft IAMCP events. He has been recognized and written up as an extraordinary “example of success” in industry publications such as CRN, Business Solutions, VAR Business, CRM Today, and Inc. Magazine.


Monday, April 15, 2024

Community Members - Join Our Marketing Breakout - Starts Thursday

We are VERY excited to kick off the new Community Breakout focused on Marketing!

Sign up for the Zoom meeting now so you'll get the reminders.

Starts Thursday

April 18th 

9:00 AM Pacific

We'll start with a bit of information to set the scene. Then we'll have an open discussion and begin working on helping attendees to create and execute a marketing program over the next five months.

Each month, members will report on their progress - and receive feedback and ideas from their fellow breakout members. Like a mastermind group, it's a great way to exchange ideas and help each other to improve our marketing programs.

Breakouts are a special hybrid of content, member engagement, and peer group. They're highly focused like peer groups that live just long enough to accomplish a set of specific goals. They're not intended to last forever. In other words, they're highly focused and intended to get results!

We will be meeting each month on the Third Thursday for at least five months.

FREE - for Community members only.

Sign-up is easy. 

Log into the Community and go to this link:

-- -- --

Note: This will NOT be recorded – We want participants to feel very comfortable sharing. Given the nature of the content, recording the session might undermine that.

[Not sure if you're registered? No worries. Just register again. That way, you're guaranteed to get a reminder.]

-- -- --

Not a member and want to attend the Marketing Breakouts? Either send me a cashier's check for $50,000 - or just join the community. Joining is faster and easier.

You can learn more about the community at


Small Biz Thoughts Community Refresh - What's All the Hubbub, Bub?

 With apologies to Bugs Bunny - There's a lot of hubbub over at the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. We have a total refresh of the site, which took more than a year to complete. It's way more than a "paint job" too. Kara, our Community Manager and web developer, built an entire new (and very fast search engine.

If you've ever wondered exactly what's inside the community, now's a great time to look. Our search engine is totally open to the public. Just browse to The search engine is found at

You'll see the quick access right away. You can also do a deep dive search of all the content. Once you try to access the content, you'll be asked to log in. 

Memberships start at $799/year for one user. We also have memberships that include an all-access pass to IT Service Provider University. And we have team memberships if you want to give everyone access to the content and the classes.

We Get Questions

Recently, someone was looking for my books and inquired about whether MY books are included in the Community. He assumed not. He assumed wrong. In fact, ALL of my books are available in the Community in all electronic formats (audio, Kindle, PDF, etc.).

Using the Seach Tool:

You do not have to enter a search term. For example, if you just wish to browse content, you can simply pick a drop-down filter by your company roll or department. Or just look for all the books or all the Word documents.

In the search pictured here, the user is looking for the client search term. They are looking for information on strategy or book handouts within the Service Department in Word format. Looks like 58 results. Notice that they are not filtering by the download type (checklist, white paper, calculator, form, class, SOP, etc.).

Two things should be obvious from this exercise. First, we have a massive amount of information. Second, we've made it fast and easy to find.

Once you are on the inside (logged in as a member), there are no limits. You can access everything. Every class, every webinar, every recording, every checklist. Everything.

  • You need sample language for raising rates? We have sample memos.
  • You need employee onboarding forms? We have the forms and the process.
  • You need an annual budget in Excel format? We got that.
  • You need documentation forms for Internet services? We have them.
  • You need basic employee training on DNS, TCP/IP, and DMARC? Yup. We have that, too.
  • Marketing, branding, sales, and motivation? We have materials on EVERYTHING you need!


We got you covered there, too! We have Roadmaps that focus on specific topics. For example, where do you start with Service Manager materials? If you filter by "Service" and "Management" it filters down to 90 results. But the Service Manager Roadmap boils that down to a few key elements. 

Roadmaps try to present about ten key pieces of content to give you a good head start on all the other content. If there's a particularly good book chapter, form, or checklist, you'll find that in the Roadmap. We know we have an overwhelming amount of material. Roadmaps are intended to get you started as quickly as possible.

Ask: And if you want an hands-on assist, we can do that, too. Members can always email Kara or me and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can. And, even better, we have a Concierge email for members that goes to our entire team. That way, no matter who can answer the question, they are free to jump in and make your life easier.

Check it out today. Visit And we hope to see you inside the community soon!

We exist to serve the SMB IT consultant. Our goal is to make you as successful as possible.

Dig in - and let us know how we can help!


Thursday, April 11, 2024

AI Nagging - Technology Nagging at a Whole New Level

 Almost since the day the Internet became public, we've had nagware. You know what I mean: Software and apps that get you to install on the promise that there is some FREE benefit. But, whether they have any actual usefulness in the free version, they proceed to nag you to upgrade.

In the most benevolent incarnation, these apps have a simple "nag screen" that you bypass every time you open them. For many of us, this is simply the cost of free software. 

But real nagware is much more than one nag screen. It constantly interrupts you. It constantly begs you to upgrade. In other words, the nagging gets in the way of using the software. Many of us choose to uninstall rather than put up with the constant nagging.

Enter AI . . .

Artificial Intelligence is insanely hot. Some might say irrationally hot, given how few actual AI-enabled applications there are. We're probably at the end of the Peak of Inflated Expectations on the Gartner Hype Cycle (see and we're quickly moving to the Trough of Disillusionment.

For me, a LOT of that disillusionment is the nagging nature of AI chat bots, plugins, and all kinds of "features" I just don't need. These annoyances are filling up my taskbar and the periphery of almost every web site I visit. 

In the 1990's it was, "Do you want fries with that?" Today it's, "Do you want AI with that?" For me - 99% of the time - the answer is NO.

The most annoying is on my phone. Every time there's an update, all the nagging AI turns back on. Personally, I hate predictive text. I know what I want to say. I really do. If you want to offer spell checking, I'll look at that. If you were offering a thesaurus of words that might help me improve my thoughts or better express the full intellectual concept in my head, I might use that.

But what's being offered is the most common next word most commonly used by the most common English-speaking people in North America. It is regression to the mean. It takes all uniqueness that I might have and replaces it with the most average thing anyone has ever said. 

Next up is . . . everything Microsoft. I literally cannot open or use any Microsoft product without having to disable or ignore opportunities for them to up-sell me on technology I don't want. I used to think the EU was going overboard by making Microsoft split up their technology.

Note: I might want AI to help me from time to time. I'm certainly not opposed to it. I do want the option. But I don't want it shoved down my throat like a goose on a feeding tube.

Right now, the state of AI for most users is that it is as annoying pop-up advertisements. I would actually pay money for an app that disabled all offers to add or enable AI to my daily routine.

At this moment in history, I am losing productivity because a noticeable percentage of my work day is spent saying NO to AI!

When it comes to interruption marketing, I have never understood how advertisers came to believe that they could annoy prospects into buying their products and services. In my opinion, that's where we are with AI. First, there's no much "there" there. Second, they feel like they have to push it on me a thousand times in order to get me to jump onboard.

That's not being a good marketing or a good netizen. I want the right to be left alone!


Tuesday, April 09, 2024

The ASCII Group Celebrates 40 Years of Empowering IT Professionals Through Community

My friends as ASCII slipped this under my door . . .

The ASCII Group Celebrates 40 Years of Empowering IT Professionals Through Community

Washington, DC – April 9, 2024 –The ASCII Group, the original MSP community of the channel, proudly commemorates its 40th anniversary, marking four decades of unwavering commitment to its members and the IT industry at large. Established in 1984 by visionary entrepreneur Alan D. Weinberger, ASCII has been at the forefront of empowering Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and fostering collaboration, growth, and innovation.

Founded in Washington D.C. by Weinberger, alongside 40 ex-franchisees of a software chain, The ASCII Group stemmed from Weinberger's recognition of the pivotal role specialized IT professionals played in the burgeoning IT revolution. Since then, ASCII has remained resolute in its commitment to providing unparalleled support, resources, peer-to-peer education, and networking opportunities to IT professionals across North America while upholding a vendor-neutral stance.

"The ASCII Group celebrates a remarkable milestone! Their steadfast support spanning four decades has not only propelled the IT community forward but has also been instrumental in the growth and success of my company, A2Z Business IT,” said Carl de Prado, ASCII member since 2014. “ASCII's dedication to fostering connections and offering invaluable resources has made a significant difference. Here's to their profound impact on businesses like ours and to many more years of innovation and empowerment!"

Continuing its mission to equip like-minded IT professionals with the necessary tools for business growth, The ASCII Group has expanded its programs, services, and opportunities over the past four decades to meet the evolving needs of its members. By staying attuned to industry trends and embracing emerging technologies, ASCII has incorporated new committees (including its newly established AI Pit Crew), peer groups and networks within its regular community while staying connected with cutting-edge vendor partners and channel developments.

"We take immense pride in reaching this significant landmark in ASCII's history," stated Alan Weinberger, CEO of The ASCII Group. "Looking forward, our commitment to empowering our members and understanding their needs remains steadfast. Additionally, I am deeply proud of the dedicated ASCII team I have assembled. With many staff members having been with me for decades, we have shared this journey together."

The ASCII Group will commemorate its 40-year journey throughout the year, culminating in an anniversary celebration at its ASCII Edge event in Newark, New Jersey, on April 17.

For more information about ASCII Edge, visit

About The ASCII Group, Inc:

The ASCII Group is the premier community of North American MSPs, MSSPs and Solution Providers. The Group has members located throughout the U.S. and Canada, and membership encompasses everyone from credentialed MSPs serving the SMB community to multi-location solution providers with a national and international reach. Founded in 1984, ASCII provides services to members including leveraged purchasing programs, education and training, marketing assistance, extensive peer interaction and more. ASCII works with a vibrant ecosystem of leading and major technology vendors that complement the ASCII community and support the mission of helping MSPs to grow their businesses. For more information, please visit