Saturday, August 23, 2008

SBS Sizing

Manuel and I had lunch with a partner yesterday that included a very interesting exchange.

The partner commented that he wasn't sure whether he'll be installing SBS 2008. Why? Because it seems like it's geared toward larger offices.

Manuel was quick to point out: If you would install SBS 2003 at that client's office, then SBS 2008 is perfectly appropriate. It is, after all, just the newest version of that product.

More importantly, I'm concerned about how someone got the impression that SBS was for larger offices. Is this a common perception in the community?

Are you planning to change your marketing or recommendations when SBS 2008 ships?

Perhaps the SBS/EBS messaging has muddied the waters.

I really don't know where this perception came from. But I'm concerned that the perception exists.

- - - - -

I stated about ten months ago that the technology roadmap for servers in the small space is different in the realworld than Microsoft wants it to be. See Oct 2007 post.

So if someone decides to put Home server in a five-user office, that makes sense to me.

But what's your realistic alternative for an office with 10+ users?

I hope you're not planning to sell them Server 2008 plus Exchange. Save the money and go with SBS 2008.

Now, if the client is more like 65 users with a gaggle of servers, then you certainly need to quote the separate products.

Of course the unspoken alternative is "other."

Other might mean hosting files on some cloud service (eFolder, etc.), having email hosted (Own Web Now, etc.), and using an industrial strength NAS device from HP or Dell.

Other usually means no domain control, no centralized security, and no Microsoft.

What does your future look like?

Are you under the impression that SBS 2008 is for a larger audience than SBS 2003? If so, what will you be selling?

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