Saturday, August 30, 2008

Managed Massage

How will people buy services in the future? In a managed model.

Case in point: There's a franchise appearing in your neighborhood called Massage Envy. Cool logo.

Here's the basic program: You join and receive a certain level of service (one 1-hour massage per month). In Sacramento the price is $59 per month. (Rolls over to next month if not used.)

You may also upgrade for a reasonable fee. Make that a 90 minute massage for $18 more.

Buy additional services at a reduced rate. Additional hour massages only $39.

Reduced monthly rates for family members.


My wife refers to this as Managed Massage.

Even with well-being, the focus on maintenance prevents more expensive break/fix work.

The environment is modern, professional, clean, and has the latest tools and techniques.

Overall, this specific idea is good. But I think it really does represent how we'll be buying services in the future. By subscription. With a flat-fee portion and preferred rates for services.

Many businesses already have Managed Window Washing, Managed Copier Maintenance, and even Managed Legal Services.

They don't call it that. But maybe someday they will.


1 comment:

  1. Karl

    Excellent posting, I need to share this idea with my massage therapist, she is always looking for great new ideas.

    Thanks for posting this...

    Stuart Crawford
    Calgary, AB


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