Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Five Week LIVE Cloud 5-Pack Formula Training Starts Thursday

In 2017 I literally traveled the world teaching my Cloud Strategies in dozens of cities across Europe, North America, and Australia. That was a wonderful experience. But I can reach more people over the Internet than I can in person.

So I got together with Mark Smith over at EH Media (parent company to ChannelPro Network) to put together my successful cloud training in a five-week live class. We have about 30 people signed up already - and we'd love to have you join us.

A couple weeks ago we held a live webinar to talk about cloud strategies. It went one hour and fifty-four minutes.  Mark and I answered 85 questions during the webinar. You can view the replay here: How I Built a 7-Figure Business Using the Cloud 5 Formula.

In case you missed it, we put the Q and A from those 85 questions into a Google doc. You can read it here:
Q and A from the Cloud 5 Workshop

The document is 22-pages long from one Q and A session!

- - - - -

Now, here's what you can do right now:

Sign up for my new, live, 5-Week course:

Making Money with the Cloud 5-Pack Formula!

Sign up now and get a bunch of great free bonuses! (see that page)

Class starts Thursday March 1st at 2pm EST. 

Sign Up Now

You can sign up here: https://recurringprofitsmastery.com/cloud5formula

The course is designed to walk you through the exact process I used to build his 7-Figure MSP business selling Cloud Services, including:
  • What cloud services to bundle together
  • Where to buy them for maximum efficiency and margin
  • How to price and package them 
  • How to deliver them efficiently using your RMM
  • How to market and sell them And all the step-by-step checklists you need to build a successful cloud services business
One huge thing we learned from doing the webinar is that you have lots of questions! I will leave lots of time for questions in every class.

If you have questions, please contact me - soon.

All classes are recorded, so you can sign up after Thursday. But obviously, if you want to participate in live questions, you need to attend live.

Thank you as always for your support.

Check Out the All New Book:

Cloud Services in A Month
by Karl W. Palachuk

396 pages - plus lots of juicy downloads

Paperback - Ebook

A great resource for managed service providers or anyone who wants make money selling and bundling cloud services.

Featuring all the details you need to create and sell YOUR custom Cloud Five-Pack (TM)

Learn More!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Jennifer Fields, Elizabeth Vanover, and Richard Tubb join the SMB Roadshow

I am happy to announce some very special guest speakers on the SMB Roadshow. 

NOTE before you get the wrong impression. There will be ZERO selling at the SMB Roadshows. You are paying for education that change your business for the better. You are not paying to sit through sales pitches.

More info at www.SMBRoadshow.com.

Here's the roundup:

  • Dallas, TX – March 6th - in conjunction with ChannelPro SMB Forum
    – Sign Up Now
  • Charleston, SC – March 23rd - Special Guests Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover from Executive Marketing Collective
    – Sign Up Now
  • Honolulu, HI – April 24th - Special Guest  Jennifer Fields from Executive Marketing Collective
    – Sign Up Now
  • Maui, HI – April 26th - Special Guest  Jennifer Fields from Executive Marketing Collective
    – Sign Up Now
  • Baltimore, MD – May 7th - in conjunction with ChannelPro SMB Forum
    – Sign Up Now
  • Denver, CO – May 11th - Special Guest  Elizabeth Vanover from Executive Marketing Collective
    – Sign Up Now

About These Folks . . .
Photo by Joshua Liberman

Jennifer Fields and Elizabeth Vanover have each been helping Managed Service Providers implement marketing campaigns for more than five years. In late 2017 they joined forces and founded the Executive Marketing Collective (EMC).

For more information on EMC, see my interview with Jennifer and Elizabeth on the SMB Community Podcast.

EMC focuses on a very cool perspective to marketing: Helping you to position yourself as an expert in your field. In addition to that, they offer a full set of services.

Richard Tubb is a long time coach from the UK who just happens to be available in early April, so I begged him to join me and he agreed. Richard and I also have a segment on the Frankly MSP podcast called What's Going On.

Richard also has an excellent blog at Tubblog.co.uk. You'll find a link to Richard's blog in the blog roll on the right side of my blog.

I've been very lucky to visit Richard in the UK several times over the last few years. And I'm grateful to him for joining me here in the States!

As you can see, The SMB Roadshow for 2018 has some amazing content. Please join us!

I just finished polishing my first slide deck for the roadshow and have more that a dozen slides that will EACH save your or make you enough money to pay for the cost of admission.

Sign up today at www.smbroadshow.com.


Saturday, February 17, 2018

Join Me at the Phoenix AZ SMB User Group - March 8th

As long as I'm in town for the SMB Roadshow in Phoenix . . . I'm speaking to the AZ SMB User Group.

Topic: Checklists Will Save Your Business

You can find out more on the group's Meetup site:


Thursday, March 8, 2018
6:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Original Garcia's Las Avenidas
2212 North 35th Avenue · Phoenix, AZ

Before Six o'clock look in the bar area
After six we will be in one of the meeting rooms.

BTW - here's a picture from NASA that I'll show in my presentation.

That's a checklist on the arm of an Apollo astronaut. You need a checklist when you go to the moon . . . because it would suck to go 30,000 miles and forget to do one of the experiments!

If you're anywhere near Phoenix, plan to join us. Check out that site for further information.


Friday, February 16, 2018

Hear Ye, Hear Ye. Attend the Live Community Meeting - February 26th

PLEASE mark your calendar for a very different kind of public meeting for MSPs, CSPs, VARs, resellers, computer consultants, and everyone else in the SMB/IT and managed services communities:

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Live Community Meeting (online)

February 26th

1 PM Pacific

4 PM Eastern
8 AM the next day AEDT

. . . . .

I can already hear you asking

What's Up?

I am trying something new. To my knowledge, this hasn't been done in our community before.

I've set up a Zoom.us meeting that will take up to 100 participants. That means up to 100 people can be logged in at the same time - AND join the conversation.

Believe me: I'm quite prepared for there to be a bit of chaos! Everyone could be connected with audio AND Video. So wear your nice clothes and mute your microphone when we start.

Here's what I'm doing . . .

This is intended to be an open discussion about what you need. I want to talk about a possible new, interactive venture in the SMB IT and Managed Service community. BUT I promise there will be no sales pitch.

Over the last dozen years, I've been lucky enough to come up with products and services that you need and want. Lots of it is available for free. Lots of is sells for a price. But I can't read your minds!

I want an open discussion about what works and what doesn't work in our community.

I want to talk to you about a new project I'm scheming up and see how you think it should evolve. Setting my ego aside, I'm also prepared for the attendees to say it's the stupidest thing they've ever heard.

Who knows. This Community Meeting might work. Or it might bomb. But let's give it a try.


No registration is required. That means you don't enter your email. You just show up and get in. Zero barrier to entry. That also means, you won't get reminder emails.

Absolutely Free. No selling allowed. I promise.

Meeting Info
Topic: Karl's Community Meeting
Time: Feb 26, 2018 1:00 PM Pacific Time

UPDATE: View the recorded meeting here.


You will be muted when you join. Please unmute yourself whenever you wish. But please stay muted if you are just listening. This could go wrong a hundred ways.

Be patient and respectful. I've never done this before and I'll be learning along with everyone else. Let's not all talk at once.

Limited to 100 Participants. If we get more than that, I don't know what you will experience. My guess is, keep trying in case someone drops off.

Enter your name in Zoom. It could be your whole name, your first name, or just a handle you want us to use. I can't call on you if everyone comes in as anonymous.

This is a video call. Please use a camera if you have one. The screen will show 25 people at a time. In the upper right hand corner, select Gallery view to see everyone. If you select speaker view, the system will show you whoever is speaking at any given moment.

Note: I am going to talk for 5-10 minutes about my proposed project. I would love your feedback. But if you have other agenda items, we will try to get to you . . . and everyone else.

- - - - -

Please share this announcement with your groups on social media, forums, etc. I would love to jam the phone lines with 100 people.

Put this in your calendar and paste this "join" link into the appointment so you don't have to look is up:

I hope to see you at the Community Meeting!


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

This Year's Roadshow vs. Last Year's Roadshow

So . . . I created some confusion. Let me clarify . . .

Right now I'm promoting two very different things. But both include the word cloud, so there's some confusion.

Thing One: 2018 SMB Roadshow

The 2018 SMB Roadshow is a 3-hour intensive workshop on the most important things you need to know today to sell Managed Services and Cloud Services. Hence, the Killer Combo.

See www.smbroadshow.com.

Agenda – Details 
Registration 12:30 PM – Seminar starts at 1:00 PM
Topic 1: The Absolutely Unbreakable Rules for a Successful IT Consultant
  • Deep dive into the 25 absolutely unbreakable rules of running a successful technology consulting business
  • Detailed examples with extra handouts, checklists, and examples
Topic 2: Cloud Services – 2018
  • Overview of cloud services today
  • Simplifying your offering – and making it more compelling
  • New clients versus existing clients
Topic 3: The Killer Combo – Managed Services and Cloud Services
  • Managed Services are Great; Cloud Services are Great; Together they guarantee extreme profitability
  • New bundles examples and price lists
  • Pricing strategies for the new era of MS + CS
… Followed by BeerFest 2018
Tickets now on sale at $199 for all cities.
- - - - -

Thing Two: The 5-Week Cloud 5-Pack Training

(How I Sold Millions of Dollars Worth of Cloud Services)

This is an updated and repackaged version of the 2017 Roadshow training on how to design, sell, implement, and manage an extremely profitable cloud service offering.

This 5-week course includes LOTS of downloads, checklists, and supplemental materials AND several bonuses.

This free webinar explains it all: 

(How I Built a 7-Figure MSP Using the Cloud 5 Pack Formula)

February 15th
11 AM PST / 2 PM EST
Sign Up Now

I am very proud to be working with ChannelPro Network to offer a brand new workshop based on my Cloud 5-Pack Offering.

The syllabus looks like this:

Week One – Setting the Stage for Cloud Services in Small Business
·         What is (are) cloud services?
·         What is not the cloud?
·         Where cloud fits in the history of computing
·         Where is the opportunity?
·         Attitudes and mind change
·         The future of your business
·         The 800 Pound Gorillas: Microsoft, Amazon, and Google

Week Two – Introducing the Cloud Five-Pack
·         The Core Technology you can sell to every client
·         Begin with fresh eyes
·         What goes in the box?
·         How much is the box?
·         Your offering – version one
·         Server Lite
·         Cost of Goods Sold (COGS)
·         The evolution of your cloud offering

Week Three – Implementation, Sales, and Variations
·         Cloud “readiness” procedures and checklists
·         Quoting the cloud migration project
·         Managing the cloud migration project
·         Staying Inside the Scope / Staying Profitable
·         Walk Through: Cloud Migration Plans (per client)
·         Deeper client relationships (Example New Employee Orientation)

Week Four - Cloud Migration Strategies and Procedures
·         Cloud services and managed services – perfect together
·         Defining What’s Billable
·         The order of implementation matters
·         What do you sell – and who do you partner with?
·         Migrating one service at a time
·         Walk Through: New Cloud Service Client Checklist
·         Deep Dive: Robocopy

 Week Five – Maintaining, Evolving, and Integrating Cloud Services Over Time
·         The evolution of your staff – technicians and administrative assistants
·         Don’t worry that clients will do this themselves
·         Rethinking larger clients
·         LOBs – Line of Business Applications – Ugh!
·         Moving client OFF cloud services
·         Documenting Cloud Services
·         Building you sales line card
·         Your future: Technology
·         Mentality of Success
·         Working ON your business
·         Manage Time Every Way You Can
·         Working in Real Time

- - - - -


1. If you attended last year's Roadshow, then you have 5% of the information from this year's Roadshow. Action Needed: Sign up for SMB Roadshow 2018.

2. If you attended last year's Roadshow, then you have 95% of the information in the 5-week course listed above. No action needed for that.

3. If you missed last year's Roadshow, PLEASE do yourself a favor and attend this this year's Roadshow AND the free webinar tomorrow.

You can sign up for the free webinar here:


- - - - -

Post questions below. Thanks.

- Karlp


Monday, February 12, 2018

Free Webinar - Learn the Cloud 5 Pack Offering - Thursday

Free Webinar - Learn the Cloud 5 Pack Offering - Thursday

Subject: How I Sold Millions of Dollars Worth of Cloud Services

(How I Built a 7-Figure MSP Using the Cloud 5 Pack Formula)

February 15th
11 AM PST / 2 PM EST
Sign Up Now

I am very proud to be working with ChannelPro Network to offer a brand new workshop based on my Cloud 5-Pack Offering.

Last year, as some of you know, I traveled the world, teaching IT Service providers how to create a 7-Figure Managed Service business using the Cloud 5-Pack formula.


1. If you attended last year's Roadshow, then you have 95% of this information. No need to attend. (But please tell your friends about it.)

2. If you missed last year's Roadshow, PLEASE do yourself a favor and attend this webinar.

I will lay out a program that could literally become your business model for the next five years. And best of all, this program will pay for itself with the FIRST client you sign up!

You can sign up here:


What You Will Learn In This Online Workshop

  • Cloud 5 Bundling: How to create a profitable bundle of cloud services that will give you a competitive advantage and delivers tremendous value to your customers.
  • Cloud 5 Pricing: How to price your offer to achieve a 73% or more margin.
  • Cloud 5 Delivery: How you can setup your business so that it can be supported by an admin, freeing you up to work on your business instead of in your business.
  • Cloud5 Marketing: How to get your ideal prospects to sign up to meet with you and close them quickly.

So, sign up today at:


- - - - -

Hundreds of people attended my Cloud Roadshows last year. But millions missed out. Here's what one attendee says about the Cloud 5-Pack seminar:

Ken Shafer - Portland, OR

Saturday, February 10, 2018

My Social Media Tools

In the last two weeks I've posted two videos highlighting the tools I use to "broadcast" to social media. I thought I'd highlight them here for those of you who have not yet subscribed to my YouTube Channel.

These tools address the great challenge with social media:

Most of the time, most of the people aren't paying any attention to what you do!

The first tool is called Symphony. This used to be called Networked Blogs. You log in to Symphony via Facebook. Then you register your blog(s) with Symphony.

Once you prove that you own the blog, you can set up Symphony to automatically promoted your blog onto all of your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Now, whenever you post something on a blog, it will automatically appear on the social media sites you've selected. For example, this blog is automatically posted on my personal and business pages on Facebook as well as Twitter and LinkedIn.

Here's the Symphony video:

The second tool is HootSuite. HootSuite is one of the old tools for managing all your social media in one location. You can use it to view your profiles on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. But I rarely use it for that.

I love Hootsuite because it allows me to post one message simultaneously across all the social media. My administrative assistant logs in regularly and schedules "re-broadcast" teases for my content. These are scheduled in advance.

Here's the Hootsuite video:

So here's the overall schedule of how my social media presence is broadcast.

Day 1: Karl posts a blog or video

-- Symphony re-posts this content to my social media accounts almost immediately.

About 8 days later: Crystal schedules a re-posting teaser via Hootsuite to all social media accounts.

. . . and this is repeated every eight day until each post has been re-posted twelve times.

- - - - -

I hope you can see why I look confused when people say things like, "Are you doing a roadshow this year?" I re-post and re-broadcast my content for three months and still no one sees it.


Most of the time, most of the people aren't paying any attention to what you do!


Friday, February 09, 2018

SMB Roadshow Teams Up with ChannelPro SMB Forum

We are proud to announce that we will be holding some SMB Roadshow events in conjunction with the ChannelPro SMB Forums this Spring. More information at ChannelProNetwork.com or smbroadshow.com.

I did a quick interview with Michael Siggins, Founder and Publisher of ChannelPro Magazine. Please watch:

Details and additional information at www.smbroadshow.com.

Learn more and sign up today!


Tuesday, February 06, 2018

New Online Course - Financial Processes for the IT Services Firm - Starts February 13th

Next Big 5-week course features the always-popular Rayanne Buchianico:

Financial Processes for the I.T. Services Firm

- All classes start a 9:00 AM Pacific

- All Classes recorded

There are few things more important than the finances of your business. But most technology consultants didn't get into business to run balance sheets or figure out cash flow.

This class provides unique content from a unique teacher! Rayanne is a managed service provider from Tampa, FL. She is also an accountant and an Intuit certified ProAdvisor. In addition to her MSP business, Rayanne helps I.T. consultants to take control of their finances and understand their own business at a deeper level.
Rayanne Buchianico
Topics for this class include:
  • Learn to read and understand your Balance Sheet and P&L Statements
  • Create a chart of accounts that makes sense for your business
  • Separating out information on the P&L for management decisions
  • Entities and tax considerations - understanding how your entity is taxed. Handout is a tax projection worksheet for 2017 taxes
  • Cash flow forecasting - Handout is a cash flow projection spreadsheet to forecast revenues and expenses
  • Understanding margins and ratios - Deep dive into the P&L and Balance Sheet to understand how the numbers work together to make decisions. Handout is a worksheet on calculating and understanding the ratios & margins.
  • Use margins to price your services for profit
  • Calculate billing and burden rates
  • Action plans for success
. . . and More!

Delivered by Raynne Buchianico, Financial Coach and QuickBooks Advisor. Rayanne has been an MSP - managed service provider - for many years and advises MSPs on how to get the most out of their QuickBooks and PSA integrations.

Includes five weeks of webinar classes with related handouts, assignments, and "office hours" with the instructor.

This course is intended for business owners and managers. It is particularly useful for the Owner or Operations Manager.
Register Now

(A GREAT deal for five hours of education, plus LOTS or handouts!)

Check out all of our online courses at www.GreatLittleSeminar.com