Friday, August 08, 2008

Duck Hunting Starts October 3rd

SMB Books is proud to be a sponsor of this year's SMB Nation conference.

We have teamed up with Results Software to present information -- and fun -- during the whole conference.

Here's the deal.

We've built a ten-foot booth with a nice little shelf.

We're going to line the shelf with . . . Rubber Duckies.

Next, we hand you a Nerf gun . . .

and you get to shoot the ducks!

You get three shots. If you knock a duck off the shelf, you win the duck.

- - - - -

It gets better if you have a hunting license!

Go to to apply for your FREE Duck Hunting License.

Print out that Duck Hunting License and bring it to Booth 100 at SMB Nation.

You will receive three major bonuses:

1) You win a free duck whether you're a good shot or not. That's called Guaranteed Winner Status.

2) You receive an immediate $15 discount on any SMB Books purchase made during SMB Nation.

3) You receive an immediate $100 discount on any Results Software purchase made during SMB Nation.

Total Value: Priceless!

- - - - -

What Kind Of Ducks Are These?

Fun Ducks!

We've got

baseball ducks,

cheerleader ducks,

doctor ducks,

race car driver ducks,

farm yard ducks,

pirate ducks,

construction ducks,

hockey ducks,

cowboy ducks,

biker ducks,

fiesta ducks,

mardi gras ducks,

and even Mad Scientists Ducks.

We've got it all.

But you gotta get to Booth 100.

- - - - -

Must be present to win the free duck. We're not shipping these.

But the SMB Books discount and Results software are good online or in person -- during SMB Nation.

Please register for your FREE hunting license. Print it out and keep it in a safe place. Bring it to Booth 100.

- - - - -

For those of you who haven't connected all the dots, Great Little Book publishes my books and the web site is designed primarily as a place to highlight and sell my books.

SMB Books is owned by Great Little Book. The web site is designed to provide a wide variety of books, audio products, and other resources to the SMB Consulting community.

Results Software is not related to either of my web sites. They provide one set of products we are happy to carry at


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