Tuesday, August 26, 2008

MSP Revolution Preday - Matt Makowicz and Stuart Selbst

Matt Makowicz sent me a note the other day. He wants to make sure the entire universe knows that he's doing a great pre-day event for MSP Revolution with Stuart Selbst from Secure My Company.

I can't inform the universe, but at least I can make sure the seven readers of this blog are informed.

The details are posted on the SMB Preday web site. But here are the basics.

"How to add $100K (or More) in Revenue in The Next Six Month"

Matt Makowicz from Ambition Mission
Stuart Selbst from Secure My Company

Thursday, September 4th.

Chicago, IL

Bonus Materials:
Every attendee will get a choice of one of Matt's books AND full use of 10 Kaseya licenses for 60 days from Secure My Company!

First, bestselling author Matt Makowicz of Ambition Consulting unveils five proven, affordable, and simple marketing strategies that can be implemented immediately.

Second, VP of Secure My Company, Stuart Selbst will teach simple sales techniques that work every time and can be used right away even by those who "are not salespeople."

As an added bonus, Matt & Stuart will also explain how to increase revenue even more with easy to bundle value added services to your customers for even more revenue or profit.

Registration discount information is posted at the SMB Preday web site.

Check it out.

And I'll see you in Chicago at the MSP Revolution conference!


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