Tuesday, February 08, 2022

All New Course! Customer Service for IT Service Providers - Starts Feb. 15th

Customer Service for IT Service Providers

Learn how to create a great customer service system for your IT consulting business – and how to hire and train the people you need to make it work.

I've been working on a Customer Service course for quite a while. Now, it's finally LIVE - Starting February 15th.

The Course is Live at ITSPU.com

  • Five Tuesdays
  • Feb. 15 - Mar. 15
  • 9:00 AM Pacific

  • All classes are recorded

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As we were designing the IT Service Provider University certifications, it was clear that one major course was missing: Customer Service. My particular approach focuses on what I call the Three P's - People, Processes, and Programs.

I take a wholistic approach. In other words, I believe that customer service touches every part of your company. It's not just when technicians or CS reps are talking to clients. Remember: Customers just call it service. And service begins with your marketing, sales, and client onboarding. It includes the way you invoice and do collections. And, of course, it affects your technicians, front office, and CS staff.

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Great customer service doesn’t just happen. It’s built from the bottom up with great processes, people, and programs. In this course, you’ll learn how to build a system that provides excellent customer service while keeping your company profitable. Most companies don’t design a customer-focused service delivery with intention. We’ll show you how to attract new clients based on your service delivery.

We use a framework that focuses on people, processes, and programs. “People” includes your employees, your clients, and your vendors. And that makes clear why you need to build a customer service system that’s totally consistent with your brand.

It’s critically important that you don’t simply “bolt on” customer service to whatever you’re already doing. Instead, we’ll show you how to create a never-ending loop of brand-building, employee management, and customer management. And we’ll do all this with in a way that maximizes profitability.

And of course, all of this is presented in the context of an IT consulting business.

Course Outline

  • Unit 1 - What is Customer Service and Who Delivers It?
  • Unit 2 - People: Clients and Employees
  • Unit 3 - Processes for Success
  • Unit 4 - CS programs and automation
  • Unit 5 - Consistent, Scalable, Reproducible, Amazing Customer Service

As always, this course includes instructor office hours, lots of handouts, and homework intended to help you actually make change in your business.

Specialist Certification Pathways

This course meets one of the core requirements for all of the ITSPU certification pathways:

  • Management
  • Front Office
  • Technician
  • Service Manager
  • Sales & Marketing

This class will be recorded. Each unit is generally posted within 24 hours of the live class. These recorded units will become the On-Demand class and you’ll have lifetime access to it.

Five hours of live education, lifetime access, lots of handouts. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Only $299 per student.*

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* Tuition waived for members of the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. See site for details.