Tuesday, June 03, 2014

ChannelPro SMB Forum - Boston Registration Open

I received an intriguing email yesterday from ChannelPro magazine. The subject line was

"I promise that the Boston event will be BETTER than George Clooney's wedding...and a lot more channel guys, too..."

Registration is now officially open for the big ChannelPro SMB Forum. I normally attend these events, but I'll have to miss this one. But you shouldn't miss it!!!

Here's the memo:

Karl: We have opened up registration for our September 9th Boston, MA, event and urge you to reserve your spot ASAP. Our April, 2014, event was maxed out. So, now is the time to get on the invite list for Boston before we run out of space! 

Why you must attend the ChannelPro SMB forum:
- Timely, informative sessions and workshops for Cloud, Managed Services, Sales and marketing and much more
- Unique, interactive format: no other channel event makes sure that you are part of the conversation
- Jam-packed one-day event to make the best use of your time
- Tons of hardware giveaways for attendees
- When you pre-register as a VIP, the event is FREE with all meals, materials and parking included

What are you waiting for? Click here to register and we'll follow up with you in a few weeks.

More event info found at http://www.channelproforum.com/

Check it out today!


Sunday, June 01, 2014

Two Chances to Win a Free membership to Third Tier's SMBKitchen ASP

One of the coolest project going right now in the SMB space is the "SMBKitchen ASP" project over at Third Tier.

ASP stands for Amy/Susan/Phil - referring to the three Microsoft MVPs who are providing the content: Amy Babinchak, Susan Bradley, and Phil Elder. Find out more at http://www.thirdtier.net/smbkitchen-asp/

Every month Phil leads a chat around a business topic. He's sharing the practices he uses in his business. In April Amy did a webinar on the PCI Consulting article she wrote. That article includes how they configure firewalls, human resources policy samples, and the security questions you need to be ready to answer as well as addresses the network infrastructure considerations. In May she did a webinar around the BYOD topic. BYOD is way more than just not buying computers anymore. Again Amy shows her human resources policies, network configurations, and a lot of detail on how to talk to your clients and their employees about this topic.

All webinars and chats are recorded and place in the knowledgebase. The webinars are on consulting topics that are selling today in my practice.

Susan is sharing her security resources, which include declassified government security documents regarding active attacks. She's only allowed to share those with private groups of which the SMBKitchen qualifies. So you won't find that information anywhere else. Susan's very popular analysis on Microsoft's monthly patches and what to not install continue on as she did last year. Soon she's going to be releasing some tools that she calls "patching the human." These are websites she's standing up and email templates that can be used to help train you end users on Internet safety.

As Amy says, "We're all about providing practical information that we are actively implementing today in our businesses and our members can too."

This program is well worth the $300 price tag. But you can have TWO chances to win a free membership. Here's how.

Option One: Sign up for the 2014 SMB Online Conference. All conference attendees will be entered into a drawing. The winner will be announced Monday, June 23rd. Find out more about the conference and register today at www.smbonlineconference.com.

The conference is June 24-26 and features some amazing speakers.

Option Two: Fill out this super-easy form. The winner will be announced on June 16th from all entries.

Yes you can enter both of these and double your chances of winning.

Good Luck!