Monday, January 25, 2021

Why I Give Away Valuable Information

 I was bragging a bit on Facebook the other day about how much traffic we're getting on our YouTube channel - We have reached 7,000 views per month!

One of my longtime Facebook friends, David, made the following comment:

"Karl, it comes as no surprise to me. Unlike many others in your field, you provide very valuable content with no financial commitment. Many others seem like they are just trying to lure you in to buy their latest training series for $.

I realise you also offer paid for content, but you are one of the most generous contributors to the SMB IT community."

I know that many people are suspicious of "free" stuff - especially if they don't know me. Those who've known me for ten or fifteen years are far less suspicious.

So I thought I'd expose my thinking about giving away information free of charge. It begins with this view of the IT Consulting community (click to enlarge):

Like everyone else, I started my company as "just me." Unlike many others, I had deep experience with very large organizations' IT infrastructure, including managing teams of twenty-five people (and more) to take care of almost ten thousand endpoints.

I grew my business from just me to more than a dozen people. Somewhere along the line, I was one of the early adopters and proponents of what we now call managed services. I went on to advise larger and larger organizations with multi-state operations and over a hundred employees.

Sharing and Growing - in the Community

Along the way, I shared my knowledge. At first, it was online in forums and newsgroups. Then in in-person local meetings. Eventually, I spoke at SMB Nation and many other conferences. I wrote books and toured the world training IT consultants. Sometimes I trained them on specific technologies (e.g., Microsoft servers); sometimes I trained them on my philosophies and techniques.

All along the way, I realized that there are different needs for different kinds of companies. 

I also noticed that almost everyone providing services to IT consultants wants to talk to and help the larger companies who have mostly figured out how to be successful already. These folks basically charge for everything. They either charge you - the attendee - or they charge the vendor who wants your attention.

My experience has taught me that the smallest companies need the most help. I learned how to put this in words thanks to my friend Don from Australia. He pointed out that "little guys" like him (he's easily a foot taller than me) can only work on one thing at a time. So it makes no sense to buy into a big training program. He literally cannot send the service manager to one set of classes, the sales manager to another set of classes, and the customer service reps to a third. He is all those people.

At any given time, the types of companies illustrated above exist in some mixture.

  • New consultants enter the market. Nowadays, these people might be called "managed service providers" - but they don't call themselves that. How could they? If you think you're a computer consultant, the term managed service has no actual meaning. So you're not going to call yourself that or Google it.
  • Eventually, these folks learn about managed services and try something. But they need to learn more about the business model. LOTS of them try a few things they read about online, but do so out of context. So they don't have much success.
  • Many are simply never convinced that managed services will work for them.

I want to help these people! My personal mission for my life and for my companies is to help as many people as possible to be successful. For these folks with one-person companies who are trying to figure things out, I have lots of free resources. 

Note: About 70% of the contents of my four-volume Managed Services Operations Manual is available for FREE on my blog. And, in fact, I've indexed a lot of it at So you can get a lot by reading the blog and never spending a penny.

Growing Companies

As companies grow, they face new challenges they didn't have before. And they need just as much help. With luck, they have a little money to buy some books, buy some classes, and maybe buy a membership. Again, my goal is to help as many people as possible.

The biggest challenge for these companies is staying focused on what matters: Profit! All too often, they get side-tracked into discussions about how much revenue they have or how many employees they have. And, all too often, they are not profitable. They lie to themselves about growth and investing in their future. They convince themselves that they'll be profitable tomorrow or next year.

And, to be honest, they join peer groups that encourage these behaviors. In some of these groups, people get together and lie to each just so they don't lose respect from each other. They are barely getting by, going deeper into debt all the time, and bragging it up with their friends.

For these folks, I offer classes and books and membership. But more than that: I offer honesty that no one else is giving them. 

Too many people in this business are losing money and afraid to face it. They are digging themselves into debt and growing poor instead of growing rich. I am committed to helping these people straighten out their companies and their personal finances. 

I'm not perfect. I've been through some really bad finance experiences. So I'm in no place to judge. But I've also built a number of successful companies and helped a lot of people grow their companies to new heights.

These growing companies can and should be saved by the magic of recurring revenue! As many people have experienced, recurring revenue reduces a lot of stress. First you make $1,000 per month. That's enough know that the system works. Then you make enough to cover rent and utilities. Eventually, you make enough to cover payroll. But all along the way, you have some extra cash flow and the ability to try new things.

In a business that completely redefines itself every five years, trying new things is a requirement. But if you're scratching and clawing to pay the rent, it's much easier to keep doing the old stuff that got you where you are - even though you know it doesn't work.

My for-pay programs are great for these growing companies for one big reason: I provide the training you can assign to the service managers, the sales managers, and the customer service reps. When you're ready to change ten things at once and super-charge the whole organization, our program is perfect. We probably don't charge enough for it. But I'm okay with that. I've never felt good about memberships where everyone paid a different price. So mine is priced for the smaller companies.

Large Companies Need Love, Too

One of the great frustrations of my life is that larger companies think they've got it all figured out. If fact, I know from experience, most of them haven't figured out much at all. I've coached companies of all sizes, and I can tell you, they ALL have the same problems. Companies with two employees don't have good processes and procedures. Companies with a million in revenue don't have good processes and procedures. Companies with fifteen million in revenue don't have good processes and procedures. 

These companies call on me from time to time. I always help them out. But they ALL could do themselves a great big favor by just going through my programs and saving about $50,000 in coaching.

In fact, starting last year, I now include my Community membership in my coaching program because I spend so much time telling people to read this chapter or take that class. I didn't want them to think I'm just trying to sell more stuff, so I raised the price and included everything I've ever written.

. . . So you see . . .

I give away lots of information to people who need it the most. They can only do one thing at a time. So a blog post or a YouTube video works great for them.

And I don't worry that larger companies will gobble up all this free information and never buy anything. They are convinced that nothing free is worthwhile, so they pay me to give them the same information in exchange for money. That way they find value in it and feel good about the transaction.

Never feel guilty downloading the information I give away for free. But once you start to grow, I would appreciate it if you buy a book from time to time. Or take a  class. Or join my community. We'd love to have you.


Wednesday, January 06, 2021

Special Webinar: PPP 2021 Update with Rayanne

I am pleased to announce a very special webinar for all US-based IT consultants. It features Rayanne Buchianico and Rich Freeman.

This Webinar was recorded:

January 12th

You may view it here, on YouTube:

Rayanne is well-known as an instructor, MSP, and accountant. She has been a great source of knowledge for our community on all things related to PPP and EIDL over the last year.

As we know, Congress has approved a "second round" of benefits for small business, with new requirements. Rayanne has been studying this and is ready to give us an update.

Rich Freeman is the Executive Editor at the ChannelPro Network. He has been following the PPP/EIDL story for the last year and is well informed on how these programs have been used by IT consultants of all sizes. 

We will start with an update from Rayanne, and information about what the new programs look like. Then Rich and I will join in for a panel discussion.

We will be taking questions from the audience. So prep any questions you have. 

Free, of course.

Additional site mentioned by Rayanne:

Post questions and comments here!


Tuesday, January 05, 2021

The ASCII Group Announces Keynote Speakers and Content for 2021 Events

This flew in through the transom from my friends as ASCII . . .

The ASCII Group Announces Keynote Speakers and Content for 2021 Events

Bethesda, Maryland – January 5, 2021 – The ASCII Group, a membership-based community of independent North American MSPs, MSSPs and Solution Providers, is pleased to announce the featured speakers for its 2021 Event Series. The agenda for the events showcases an enhanced focus on education, providing attendees with new approaches and best practices on how to grow their IT companies while best servicing their customer base. The sessions will feature more MSP-led education content from its presenters (including ASCII members), bringing even more value to attendees.

Keynote Speaker – Mike Michalowicz, “Fix This Next”

Deemed the top contender for the ‘patron saint of entrepreneurs’, Mike Michalowicz, has helped thousands of businesses use his techniques to better their overall operations. Considered one of the leading business makeover specialists, Mike has authored the ‘Pumpkin Plan’, ‘Profit First’ and will be discussing how businesses can determine what to do, in what order, to ensure healthy, fast and permanent growth with his latest book ‘Fix This Next’.

Keynote Speaker - Robbie Kellman Baxter, “The Forever Transaction”

The Forever Transaction is a ready-to-use game plan for running a successful and sustainable subscription business. A veritable blueprint for success in the new subscription-based economy, Robbie’s approach is a must-do for organizations of any size; it’s a true game-changer. From initial start-up or testing of a new model, to scaling the operation for long-term growth and sustainability, to revamping your culture so everyone works together to optimize customer lifetime value. Learn how to build lasting customer relationships that are the very foundation of business success – today, tomorrow and forever.

Additional MSP peer education and industry speakers include:

"Be Heard! Why Your MSP Story Matters Now", C.J. Ezell, Founder & CEO, Cross Bay Digital Marketing

"How MSPs Can Best Manage & Solve Growing Pains", Stephen Monk, CEO, Noverus Innovations

"How to Build a Winning Client Advisory Board", Vince Tinnirello, Managing Director, Anchor Network Solutions

“Now, more than ever, the goal of ASCII events is to provide the MSP community with actionable content that can be easily implemented into their IT businesses,” said Jerry Koutavas, President, The ASCII Group. “In addition to a relatable keynote speaker, and a showcase pavilion of best-of-breed technology, attendees leave ASCII events with business intelligence they can use.”

ASCII events are the leading conferences in the channel and bring together over 1,500 IT solution providers and MSPs, innovative technology vendors, and key industry thought leaders in a two-day format. Designed for qualified Managed Service Providers, ASCII events are targeted towards those looking to increase revenue, enhance their current business model, and network with peers.

ASCII MSP Connect Live 2021 (Virtual Events):

Canada - February 24 & 25 

Rocky Mountain Region (USA) - March 17 & 18


ASCII Success Summits 2021 (In-Person Events): 

Bethesda, MD - May 19 & 20            

Cincinnati, OH - June 16 & 17  

Chicago, IL - July 21 & 22    

Raleigh, NC - August 18 & 19     

NY / NJ area - September 22 & 23   

Orlando, FL - October 27 & 28 

Houston, TX - November 3 & 4   

Orange County, CA - December 8 & 9 

For more information, visit and

About The ASCII Group, Inc:

The ASCII Group is the premier community of North American MSPs, MSSPs and solution providers. The Group has over 1,300 members located throughout the U.S. and Canada, and membership encompasses everyone from credentialed MSPs serving the SMB community to multi-location solution providers with a national and international reach. Founded in 1984, ASCII provides services to members including leveraged purchasing programs, education and training, marketing assistance, extensive peer interaction and more.  ASCII works with a vibrant ecosystem of leading and major technology vendors that complement the ASCII community and support the mission of helping MSPs and VARs to grow their businesses. For more information, please visit 



Lori's Awesome Class is Back! Powerhouse of One: Be a Super Successful MSP

Powerhouse of One: How to Be Super Successful MSP (or Solo Entrepreneur)

Taught By: Lori Hardtke, Community Leader and Coach

- Five Tuesdays - January 12 - February 9, 2021

- All classes start a 9:00 AM Pacific

Register Now

You hear it all the time, you need to work "on" your business not "in" your business. You need to hire staff and delegate in order to grow. 

But what if you could grow your business to $300K or more without any additional full-time staff on your payroll?

Tired of sitting in traffic to make that meeting across town and filling up at the pump every few days? What if you could master running your MSP practice remotely nearly 100% of the time?

Ever dream of having no monthly A/R and no debt?

Then this class is for you!

"The class Lori did was simply awesome.  

I learned so much.  She is what I want to be when I grow up!"

- David Streit, Stephill Associates, LLC

Here's what you will learn:

  • How to pick the right vendors to do a lot of the heavy lifting
  • How to position your micro MSP practice to prospects and clients as though you have an army of employees behind you!
  • How to sell additional technology services that are pure profit
  • How to land new MSP contracts without leaving your office!
  • Tactics on raising rates and going after low hanging fruit
  • Ideas on how to package and price your MSP offering
  • How to streamline your sales process
  • Technical Business Review checklist
  • Finances - the bottom line
  • How to Live Your Business Dream

…And more tips-n-tricks to help you be different and think different!

 Delivered by Lori Hardtke, MSP and Peer Advisor. Lori has been an MSP (managed service provider) for many years and runs a two-state business with no employees.

Includes five weeks of Zoom webinar classes with related handouts, assignments, and "office hours" with the instructor.

This course is intended for business owners and managers. It is particularly useful for the Service Manager or Operations Manager.

The Modules: 

Unit 1 Week 1 - Vendors/Affiliations/Peer Groups

Unit 2 Week 2 - Selling Services That Are Pure Profit

Unit 3 Week 3 - Sales Process for Website/VoIP/Cloud Desktops

Unit 4 Week 4 - Plans, Pricing & White Glove Services

Unit 5 Week 5 - Finances

Details and Registration at

Only $299


Monday, January 04, 2021

WOW! We really put out a lot of info in the last 30 days. You missed some of this ...

You May Have Missed This . . .

I somehow managed to post 110 posts to this blog in 2020. That's about nine per month. Many people primarily get information about what I'm up to on this blog. Others, primarily through my newsletter (sign up at, and still others via my YouTube channels.

So, no matter how you get information, you're bound to miss something. I always put a list of recent activities in my weekly newsletter. But even there, I don't cover every little thing.

Here are some recent Mentions by Others and appearances on various forums in the last month.

Paul Green's Growth Guide. You can see it here:

- Hard to read and impossible to print. But it has lots of resources!

Paul also hosted Nigel Moore and me on his podcast. This was a great way to end the year. It started with Nigel and I in Santa Barbara in January. So it was great to close the year out with another event with Nigel. This one was interesting to record since Paul is eight hours ahead of me and eleven hours behind Nigel. A truly global podcast!

Acronis sponsored an "MSP Town Hall" discussion with Amy Luby, Dave Sobel, Amy Babinchak, and Erick Simpson.

Replay here:

Here's the stuff I produced in the last month, other than this blog.

Relax Focus Succeed Blog:

Work ON Yourself, Not Just In Yourself

SMB Community Podcast:

Common Misconceptions with Google Ads

Richard Tubb on Continuous Awesome Marketing

New Book: Tech Up or Lose Out

How to Effectively Communicate Your Brand Story to Generate Leads

Manuel Palachuk and the “IT Confidential”

The Killing IT Podcast:

Episode 92 – End-of-Year show: 2020

Episode 91: AI Doppelgangers, Google Outage, and Vaccine Apps

Episode 90 – Pandemic Burnout; Modern Data Centers; Uber and Out

Episode 89 – Fighting Inequality with AI, Cheap Energy, and “Edge” Opportunities

Episode 88 – Robo-job Apocalypse Delayed; NATO Publications; and Facebook Algorithm

Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community:

January Roundtable: The Hard Truth about Success

Quote Me on This – The Wit and Wisdom of Coleman Cox

Community Confab Meetings

Year of Intention – Class Posted

YouTube Videos for IT

Community News - January 2021

SOP: The 10 Most Important Rules of Backup

Convert 230 Volt European Plug to US 110 Plug

Travel Adapter Power 2021

SOP: Firewall and Router Configurations

How To Fix a Variable Resistor

SOP: Labeling Equipment

How to Add Chapters and Subtitles to YouTube Videos

SOP: Removing a Client from Cloud Services

Welcome to the SBT Channel!

SOP: Removing a Client from Managed Service


And we'll keep pumping out new information in 2021!

If there's a topic you'd like me to cover somewhere, put a comment down below.

. . . And have a great January.

- Karlp


Sunday, January 03, 2021

Top SOP Videos for 2020

We've had a great year on YouTube!

We had just over 61,000 views - and more than 2,800 hours of total watch time. And we've added almost 600 new subscribers.

Our most popular playlist is SOPs - Standard Operating Procedures.

I always appreciate comments and questions on these videos.

#1 Video - SOP: Service Manager Roles and Responsibilities

I am actually very happy that this is the #1 video. The Service Manager role is perhaps the most important role in any IT company. In addition to being a mentor and trainer, the service manager has to be a customer relations expert, an enforcer, a strategist, and a great deal more.

#2 Video - SOP: No One Needs a Monkey Hook

A few comments suggest that people aren't happy with this message. But the bottom line is: You don't buy something because you need the thing; you buy it because what it can do for you. Your clients don't buy managed services because they need monitoring. 

Monitoring is your thing. It's what you sell. They buy security. They buy peace of mind. 

#3 Video - SOP: Vendor Management

This video was leading the pack for much of 2020. I think many MSPs are very interested in managing their clients' vendors - but they're not entirely sure what that means. This video gives you insight.

#4 Video - SOP: Basic Sales Script

This is a peek into my sales process. You have to start somewhere, right?

#5 Video - SOP - Service Agreement vs Service Level Agreement

When I'm speaking and someone refers to "service level agreements," I also point out that they probably mean Service Agreements. There's a big different. And ignoring it might cost you a lot of money.

#6 Video - SOP: Front Office Responsibilities

Like the service manager roles and responsibilities, many people are interested in what they would have an office manager or administrative assistant do. Trust me, after you've had one for a few years, you won't know what to do without them!

#7 Video - SOP: Scheduling within the Service Department

I rely very heavily on a priority-based system. But when coordinating your company with your clients, you have to schedule work. I also have a strong preference for a system that allows technicians to manage themselves as much as possible. But you still need scheduling!

#8 Video - SOP: Monthly Maintenance Checklist

Perhaps the single most important thing you do in a managed service business. At some level, if you're not doing monthly preventive maintenance, it's hard to argue that you are delivering managed service. What's your list of  tasks to perform at every client, every month?

#9 Video - SOP: Client Visit

I'm glad that this is a popular video. I worry that too many companies have no process for a simple client visit. There are just a handful of things you need to do to guarantee success and establish your brand. 

#10 Video - SOP: Service Call Process

Finally, rounding out the top ten is another "basic" but extremely important process. How you execute a service call defines you company in the client's eyes.

-- -- --

Please check out my YouTube channel by clicking on any of these links. I always appreciate a thumbs-up and a subscribe. 


Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Karl's 12th Annual State of the Nation Address for SMB IT

My 12th Annual "State of the Nation" Address is January 13th

Mark your calendar now and don't miss this once-a-year webinar. This will be my 12th Annual "State of the Nation" address for small business technology providers.

Wednesday, January 13th

9:00 AM Pacific / 12 Noon Eastern

Register in advance for this webinar

Don't worry - No Politics Here!

No cost. Just register and tune in.

Paste that date into your calendar so you don't forget!

Topics Include:

  • Highlights (low lights?) from 2020
  • Technology Updates 2020 . . . and what's next
  • The Economy
  • The Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Service Delivery
  • Podcast updates
  • Speculations about 2021
  • Building a Success Plan for the Year Ahead

2020 has been one we'll never forget - even though we might want to. But, strangely enough, it was a pretty good year for most small IT providers. 2021 will be even better, if you plan it right. As always, I'm going to spend the year committed to helping IT service providers build successful businesses that look to the future of technology and guarantee their success moving forward.

Tune in to learn more!

Technology is always a changing environment. And with IoT, home networks, Cloud Services, and all the emerging technologies, it's no exaggeration that there's more opportunity in our business than ever before..

But 2020 was also a year filled with ransomware, legislation, regulation, and increased insurance rates. The barriers to entry continue to rise. What will this mean for you?

And: Are you getting your share of all the new recurring revenue opportunities?

Tune in to learn more!

Karl's 12th Annual State of the Nation Address for SMB IT

January 13th

9:00 AM Pacific

Register Now

This webinar will be recorded and you can view at

- - - - -

This is always a very popular webinar - but don't worry. I have 500 seats available and and will buy more if we need them.

One of the things I've learned is that there's about a 50% drop-off rate when things are free. If registration reaches 1,000, I'll buy the extra seats.

Plan to log in early, though, to guarantee your seat.

See you then.


Saturday, December 19, 2020

Stop Buying Tools That Kill Your Productivity!

Stop Buying Tools That Kill Your Productivity!

Please join me on this free webinar with my friends at Acronis.

January 14th

11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern

Register Here:

Believe it or not, your security tools are probably cutting into the productivity of your entire team! 

Security can no longer be considered a bolt-on feature to other services. In the 2020s, MSPs need rock-solid, total solutions that provide unparalleled security while also enabling users to go about their business.

Join me along with Acronis Channel Chief Evangelist Amy Luby for an in-depth look at delivering security that enables you to streamline operations, increase productivity, and build a service offering that’s secure by default.

You’ll learn:

• Expert overview of the status quo

• Details on different challenges and opportunities for better operational efficiency 

• List of action items and strategies to improve productivity

Our full panel (besides me) is:

Amy Luby, Channel Chief Evangelist at Acronis

Craig Joseph, Group CEO, Teknov8

James Slaby, Director of Cyber Protection at Acronis

Join Us!

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Congratulations to our Community Award Winners!

The Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community meets by Zoom every Thursday. And on the Third Thursday of every month we have our official "Monthly Meeting." Today, we announced the winners of our annual Community Awards for 2020.

We had quite a lot of great people to choose from. We have many very active members and Community leaders. But we finally picked the winners. With no further delay - here they are:

Our Community Member of the Year for 2020 is Laine Kohama from Giga Island. Laine has been an active member from the minute he joined. He attends almost every class, every call, every Roundtable, and every other thing we do. In addition, he always participates fully, offering advice and asking questions.

At one point, he didn't show up for two meetings in a row and Kara emailed him to make sure he was okay. Laine's response was that he was too busy with new clients - thanks to what he learned in the Community.

Congratulations, Laine!

Our Community Leader of the Year for 2020 is Amy Babinchak. Like Laine, Amy attends almost every meeting. Amy is a worldwide leader in the IT community, and we know she has a full calendar. So we're honored that she would make our Community a priority.

In addition to simply showing up, Amy gives us great advice and is always very transparent about how she has built her company over the last twenty years. When folks ask for special information or attention, she always steps up. I guess the same qualities that made her a Microsoft MVP also made her a great leader in our Community.

Congratulations, Amy!

Last but not least, our Small Biz Thoughts Employee of the Year is Kara Schoonveld. Kara is our Community Manager and primary web developer. In 2020, she has achieved an amazing collection of milestones. I haven't counted them all, but I think she made major revisions to about twenty of our web sites this year, including totally revising our store and the Community site itself.

Kara is always quick to help members with all requests, large or small. We have a group email. More often than not, if I reply to a member request, I get an email saying that Kara already took care of it. And just in case anyone is wondering: Kara really enjoys working with the Community.

And somehow, in the middle of all that, and in the middle of a pandemic, she moved across country to Michigan this year. And I doubt that any member noticed that she was "offline" for the move.

Congratulations, Kara!

We really do have an amazing Community. I personally thank all of our members, especially those who show up week after week for our "Community Confab" calls. We started those calls in March when the economy was shut down. I wanted to make sure that members had a place to connect with others and help each other during the unusual circumstances. Due to popular demand, we have continued those calls all year.

If you haven't joined us yet, please check it out. I posted a video to talk about how we can help you in 2021. See

You can also check out what we have to offer at

If you have questions, post them here or on the video. Or email me.

Congratulations again to this year's winners! I look forward to a great year-end and an amazing 2021.


Save Now - Check out the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community

We think we have the 7-part formula for making 2021 as successful as possible!

I know you have lots of organizations you could join. I belong to most of them.

Please do yourself a favor and consider the Small Bit Thoughts Technology Community.

You'll save $100 right now - and lock in that price for life.

We created the community two years ago with one simple mission: To make YOU as successful as possible. My personal mission is to help IT consultants be better at the business part of their business. Obviously, this is a good fit.

(If you'd rather consume this information in video format, check it out here:

We have hundreds of downloads - processes, procedures, audio programs, video training, and every book I've written (plus every new book is automatically added to the community before it's made available to the public). Plus a lot more.

We are an online community of dedicated managed service providers, and IT professionals who want to be managed service providers. We get together online in forums, on Zoom calls, and in classes to help each other to be more successful.

You might be saying, "We're not big enough for that." Or maybe, "We're not small enough for that."

Neither is true! We have members who are just one-, two-, and three-person shops. We also have companies that have 50 and 60 employees. At the end of the day, the things you need to be successful are pretty much the same no matter what size your business is.

Almost every company I have ever coached needed the same things: Processes, procedures, and accountability. That's what we offer in the SBT Technology Community.

Now . . . for today's real topic: 

How to Maximize Success in 2021

We've identified seven things that will help you be successful. 

I believe 2021 is going to be a difficult year. There's no way around that. A lot of us did really well in 2020, because we spent a lot of time helping clients to move out of their offices into their homes, keep it secure, and keep people connected.

A lot of people took that opportunity to move many, many resources up to cloud services, which is awesome. And we helped clients have a very positive experience with all of that that.

We need to continue that into 2021, but we have a different set of challenges. First of all, the economy still has to hit bottom before it can bounce back. The recovery will probably take another three to six months.

At the same time, dealing with the pandemic and the vaccine, we will probably not see significant changes with regard to the pandemic for at least two or three months. And then it'll be a few months after that before things finally get back to normal.

I have no crystal ball, but I'm hoping that by the second half of 2021, things will be pretty much back to whatever normal is, or the so-called new normal, or "next" normal.

No matter what happens, there are challenges to your business that you have to pay attention to. So what can you do to make the most of this situation that you know is going to be difficult? Let's look at seven things to help you make the most of 2021.

First: Training. You have many options for training. You need to you makes sure that your staff is up to spec on new technologies, on new services that you're offering, on new resources that are out there, and on ransomware and fighting the bad guys.

One way that you can get that training is inside our community. So we have a lot of members-only training.

Second: Great Little Seminar. Community members enjoy HUGE discounts over at Great Little Seminar hosts ten classes a year, and we charge $299 per student. Annual subscribers to our community you get ALL of those classes at no addition charge.

If you join now, you pay $999 for an annual pass and you get $2,990 worth of classes! That's pretty much a no-brainer. Monthly subscribers to the SBT Technology Community still get a huge discount. They receive $200 off each class, for a savings of $2,000 per year. And that's still way more than the cost of membership.

Third: Books. I have written ALL of the best selling books on managed services and cloud services. Plus, I've written lots of other books to help IT consultants to be as successful as possible. When I started the SBT Technology Community, I put ALL of the books inside the community. So, all members get access to all of my books in all formats at no additional charge.

I am also adding in all of my checklists, all of my forms, and all of my SOPs. AND we are developing new members-only content on top of all that. I'm putting every single thing I've ever done into the community. Members get it all for one price.

This is a huge, massive resource. In fact, this is literally a resource that nobody else can offer because these are the materials I've created over the years.

Fourth: Community Forums. We have Forums inside the Community. This is a place for you to bring up questions, talk about challenges you have with other people.

Fifth: It's the people that matter. The other people in the community are people who have your business model. They're in the same industry as you. They have the same challenges. They're looking for the same tools. They're looking for the same resources. They want to talk about those vendors. They want to talk about the experiences with certain technology.

They want to help each other find things like web cameras during the pandemic!

Basically, it's a broad community worldwide that you can rely on to help you as you face challenges going forward.

Sixth: Regular Community Calls. This obviously follows on the people piece. We have a monthly meeting with our community members. In that, we get together and present some information, then have an open forum with Q&A. Any member can bring up anything and we discuss it as a group. 

We also meet weekly on Zoom. During the pandemic, we started doing weekly calls and those have become super popular. So we just continued it.

Kara (our Community Manager) guides us around here and there, but basically, the conversation goes however the community wants it to go. Sometime, there are coaching type questions for me, but most of the time, it's members asking each other questions.

Where are you getting training? What products are you training on? Which vendors are you looking for? Which vendors are you moving away from? All those things that you see, but here's the best part about this community.

Best of all: You know that every one of these people is successful and has committed to their own success by buying a membership in this community. You have probably seen the old cartoon from the 1990's: 

On the Internet, no one knows you're a dog.

Well, on the Internet, you can go to a lot of forums and get advice from a lot of strangers. And you have no idea whether they're super successful or complete failures sitting in their parents' basement. 

In our community, we know who these people are. We know know that they have invested in their business. We know the challenges they're facing because we meet with them week after week after week.

And it really does make a difference to be surrounded with people who are successful and are moving in the direction within your own industry.

Some people say, "I don't want to talk to my competitors." I think that's a silly argument. For more than twenty years, I owned IT consulting companies in Sacramento, California. In all of those years, the only time I ever saw any of my competition was when we got together for a monthly IT professionals meeting.

I just didn't feel like I ever competed against these people. And here's a fun fact: Sometimes I meet people out in the world and they ask me, "Do you know such and such?" And I no, I've never heard of them.

Oh, they say, "They're one of the biggest managed service providers in Sacramento."

Look, Sacramento is not that big, but we just don't compete with each other. We really, really don't.

One of the Absolutely Unbreakable Rules of Service Delivery is that your competition really is irrelevant and you need to know that. The more attention you focus on your competition, the less attention you are focusing on your clients.

So, I recommend that you just completely and absolutely ignore your competition. Other people do not compete for your dollars. There is enough money; there are enough clients in the world that you literally have no competition as long as you're good at what you do.

Focusing on the quality of service that you give and the education level of your employees is far more important than worrying about whether somebody across town is giving $10 off on some service.

And finally, 

Seventh: Kara - Our Community Manager. One of the greatest assets in our community is we have Kara as our full-time community manager.

She monitors when people have questions about stuff. She helps members I find thing. She is constantly monitoring things. AND she's our primary web developer.

When Kara gets an idea, such as gamification, she makes it happen. She's really great at managing the community. She is the first line of support, and she's really fun to work with. She has a very positive personality. We love having her in the community and we think that you will too.

So the best thing that you can do in 2021 is to join the Small Biz Thoughts Technology Community. And here's the important safety tip.

The price goes up January 1st.

We're raising the annual subscription to $1,099 a year, up from $999.

I know it's only one hundred dollars a year, but if you join in 2020, you will lock in the lower price for life. Really. Every member is locked in at the price when the joined.

Note: We are not racing the monthly price, which is only $119. And if you join at that rate, you will also lock in that rate for life. There is a 12 month commitment, of course. But, if you want to make the monthly payments, you can do that and that price will never increase for life.

We do not let folks test-drive the community, BUT you can see everything we have inside. Our community search engine is completely open to the public. If you browse to you can search for books, checklists, client-facing downloads, audio programs, training, live events, SOPs, whitepapers, and more. You'll see the result instantly. 

But, obviously, clicking on a resource will bring a login screen.

Please feel free to visit and check it out. We would love to have you join us and to help you be a successful as possible in 2021.