Thursday, March 29, 2012

Support the women in the SMB 150

The first professional, full-time computer programmers were all women, hired for their mad math skills. See
Well, there goes one stereotype down the drain!

This is just a note about the women in the SMB 150 voting. I personally know about 60% of them. I am glad they are in our community. And to be honest, I'm glad to see so many nominated for the SMB 150, given their very small numbers in the I.T. community overall.

I know this is a long list, but click on a few names and read their quick paragraph-long statements. Cast a few votes. And in some small way, acknowledge their contributions to our community.

Support the women in the SMB 150

Amanda Harper
Amy Babichak
Amy Luby
Barbara Dove
Barbara Hizer
Beatrice Mulzer
Christy Sacco
Cindy Bates
Debi Bush
Devita Saraf
Diana Hage
Dina Moskowitz
Dona Keating
Eileen Brown
Erin Arnold
Ilene Rosoff
Jan Spring
Jane Cage
Jeannine Edwards
Jennifer Anaya
Jessica Devita
Joy Belinda Beland
Karen Christian
Karen Guarino
Laurie McCabe
Linda Brotherton
Lynette Bohanan
Marina Roos
Mary Campbell
Meaghan Kelly
Melissa Staehle
Michelle Ragusa
Mona Abutaleb
Nancy Williams
Patricia Hume
Rayanne Buchianico
Robin Robins
Robyn Davis
Robyn Howes
Shari Godgart
Susan Bradley
Susanne Dansey
Teresa Bell

Sorry if I missed anyone.



  1. Thank you so much for acknowledging the ladies of our IT community! You are a true hero in our community to the ladies and gents, and we appreciate your recognition!

  2. Karl, I just came across your post and wanted to add my belated thanks! I am honored to be included in such an impressive group of talented women (and men too) - thanks for your support!


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