Monday, March 05, 2012

Hot News: Diskeeper Rebranded to Condusiv Technologies

Last week I got a note from my long-time Diskeeper friend and sometime drinking partner Derek. He asked me to keep this quiet until today.

Derek and I met because 1) I LOVE Diskeeper, and 2) I needed some information serveral years ago about the technical side of fragmentation with large SANs (Storage Area Networks) running various operating systems.

We quote Diskeeper's deframentation product for every server we sell. We try to push it on the desktop, but we consider it critical to server health. I believe there are zero servers under our care that don't have Diskeeper installed.

Anyway, this is more than a name change. Here's the official press release:

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Diskeeper Corporation Announces New Name—Condusiv Technologies
Effective Immediately

Burbank, Calif., March 5, 2012—Diskeeper Corporation will enter spring 2012 as Condusiv Technologies.

Today, Monday March 5, the leader in high performance optimization and maintenance software for technology, people and business has changed its name to Condusiv Technologies. The company ceased operating under the name Diskeeper Corporation as of midnight on March 4, 2012.

"Shortly after being appointed CEO of Diskeeper, in September of 2011, I reviewed the core intellectual property and leadership of the company. I realized that I had inherited a very talented team with deep engineering expertise and a passionate desire to develop thought leading high performance software; innovative products that would have extremely positive measurable impact on our customers’ business, economic recovery and macroeconomic growth,” says Jerry Baldwin.

“We are a very different organization today than we were when the company was founded in 1981. Adopting a new name and brand identity is a logical next step in our growth strategy. This change reflects our team’s passion for developing industry leading solutions and partnerships with customers to bring about positive growth and change." said Jerry Baldwin, new CEO of Condusiv™. "Condusiv expresses what we have become as an organization as well as what we hope to be — a highly focused dynamic leader that transcends the boundaries of traditional solutions with innovative products that rapidly and dramatically improve productivity in technology, people and business”.

“Condusiv is a word that connotes putting emphasis on possibility and future”, says Baldwin…“just as our company focuses on helping its customers extend operation efficiency and equipment longevity to increase productivity today and for tomorrow.” 

“Condusiv is a more modern and dynamic expression of the company’s new marketplace position as a leader providing software optimization and performance solutions that can swiftly help to bridge economic recovery with restored economic growth for customers,” stated Baldwin.

John Lake, Vice President Marketing, Condusiv said, "when developing a new brand name for the company, our team was inspired by ideas of bold growth and inventive thinking.  We wanted to connect with the reality that global business is changing faster than ever, and select a name wherein customers understood Condusiv is about advantageously helping them make these changes. 

Condusiv is derived from the word conducive, meaning contributing to making an experience better. The name perfectly describes the company’s focus on helping customers.  Condusiv, in its shortened form and unique spelling, also captures the essence of partners who are incredibly technologically innovative in a fast-paced and demanding world.” 

The name change follows 31 years of successful business with Fortune 100 to Fortune 1000 companies, but with a new passionate mission to connect customers and partners, technology and people with the benefits of optimized efficient growth, fast thinking and change.

Lake noted, “the firm welcomed its employees back to work after a company launch event with rebranded offices, signage and stationery.  On March 5, we will be launching an aggressive global rebranding campaign that will reinforce our new marketplace positioning and introduce the new brand to our clients, recruits and the public at large".

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About Condusiv 

Condusiv Technologies creates high-performance software that optimizes and maintains application performance and efficiency, extends equipment longevity to make technology, people and businesses more productive.  From the moment Condusiv™ software is installed on physical or virtual systems, our technology ensures data performance is automatically optimized. Requiring zero overhead, our energy-efficient, “Set It and Forget It"® solutions are used by over 90% of the Fortune 1000 and almost three-quarters of The Forbes Global 100. Our customers include thousands of global enterprises, government agencies, independent software vendors (ISVs), original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and home users worldwide.  With over 30 years of cutting-edge product development, we lead the market in data storage innovation, delivering thought-leading technology that improves your business and user experience. Condusiv solutions help technology function at peak levels, increasing the productivity of people and business.

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