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Corelytics Launches a 12-City Tour Focused on Small Business

I got a memo from Tony and Kris over at Corelytics. They are putting together a big roadshow with Intuit, Microsoft, Constant Contact, Concur, Cisco, and T-Mobile USA. The event is focused on small business owners and the roadshow starts April 12th.

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Bellevue, WA (PRWEB) February 29, 2012

The Small Business Tour 2012, “Time to Thrive”, provides small business owners with the opportunity to learn about the transformative technologies available to run a thriving small business in today’s economy. Agenda topics will focus on subjects important to small business owners: effective money management, satisfying customers, increasing employee productivity and driving growth in a digital world.

“Running a small business today is more complex than ever, but there are new ways of doing business that give them tremendous opportunity. This tour is about getting focused on key areas that business owners have told us they care about. We’re excited that our sponsors who really care about small business are joining us to bring this into local communities,” said Tony Lael, Corelytics Executive VP and organizer of the tour.   

The 12-city tour launches April 12 in Seattle/Bellevue and is hosted by Corelytics, Inc. in partnership with small business technologies leaders including Intuit, Microsoft, Constant Contact, Concur, Cisco and T-Mobile USA. The Small Business Administration is also participating in the Tour along with business experts and authors including best-selling author, Chris Widener, who is emceeing the event.

Seattle/Bellevue, April 12
San Francisco, May 17
Los Angeles, May 24
Houston, June 14

The tour will also make stops in Raleigh/Durham, Dallas, Denver, Atlanta, Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Chicago. Complete dates and venues will be published on the Tour website.
It’s estimated that more than 200 small business owners will participate in each city and online community outreach is expected to reach 100,000 or more. Financial advisors and technology experts will also be on hand in each city to answer questions.

Find more information about the tour at


Corelytics, Inc is the host and sponsor of the Small Business Tour. Corelytics created the award-winning Corelytics Financial Dashboard for small businesses to help predict the future of their business- no MBA required. The Corelytics Financial Dashboard is a SaaS product that connects to the customer's accounting system and in a matter of seconds uses the power of predictive analytics to produce a comprehensive set of graphics that shows the entrepreneur how their business is performing - in a simple and easy-to-understand graphical presentation.

Corelytics has 1,000+ customers in 28 countries with 20+ channel partners and a network of 50+ business advisors and recently recognized as the grand prize winner by Intuit, Inc. in their Intuit Apps Marketplace. The easy-to-use dashboard that helps business owners compare their financial performance with peers in their industry. Priced at $69 a month and available on the Intuit Marketplace, Corelytics is an affordable solution for businesses to monitor trends before they become problems – all using a recommended 30-Minute Monthly Action Plan.

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