Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Freeday Friday™ - I Answer Your Questions March 16th

Freeday Friday ™ is . . . Your opportunity to: Tap my brain and set the agenda; Focus on your business; Get top-dollar advice about your consulting business . . . For Free.

Here's how it works.

1) We have one live teleconference for Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Island partners. It goes live at 9:00 AM Friday in Sydney (GMT March 15, 22:00). This really is intended for my under-served friends who live down under and don't want to be up in the middle of the night to fit into an American schedule.

2) We have another live teleconference for North America, the UK, and Europe. It goes live at 8:00 AM Pacific, which is 11:00 AM Eastern, and 3:00 PM GMT.

(Of course, I rely on my friends to keep me square on various time zone changes, including the one happening this weekend in most of the U.S.)

3) The format is very simple: You set the agenda. I'm going to give one-on-one advice on any topic you want while others listen live. I normally charge $250/hr to do work with consultants on their business processes. But if you can get your question "on the air" here, I'll give you all the help I can free of charge.

4) The show starts with a question that comes in through email. Please email me (karlp) at smallbizthoughts.com and not at my old KPEnterprises address. I'll try to pick a question that I think represents a real issue for lots of people in the MSP/SMB space.

5) After that, we'll open the phone lines and take your questions. Depending on how deep we go, we might only get to a few people. My goal is to give answers that are as complete and useful as I can.

6) The show ends at 50-55 minutes after the hour. That gives you some time to finish up and get to your next appointment.

We all face similar challenges and opportunities. As always, I believe that we all benefit from a level of community interaction. I think we can help each other get to the next level.

Some people can engage at the $250/hr level. Some can't afford it. Some folks just aren't in a hurry, so they might as well save the money. To be honest, some people are new to the business and just don't know what the challenges are yet.

Both version (North American / European edition and Oceanic Edition) will air on the Third Friday of the month. So the first-ever show is Friday, March 16th.

Register for Aussie / Oceanic Program
Sign Up Now
March 16th 9:00 AM Sydney Time
(GMT March 15, 22:00)
Register for North America / UK Program
Sign Up Now
March 16th 8:00 AM Pacific / 11:00 AM Eastern
GMT March 16, 15:00

Callout: The Limitations of Free Stuff

Here's the deal folks: I am giving this away for free. So I'm using a tool I already pay for due to other activities in my business. So when we run out of "seats" (phone lines), I'm not buying more. I'll try to record it, but if something goes wrong, or I forget to push the button, then I won't lose sleep over it. Cloud Service Roundtable members will get access to whichever recordings are successful.

The Freeday Friday Page

For information and coordination, we're going to use the Freeday Friday Page at http://www.smallbizthoughts.com/events/FreedayFriday.html. That's where you'll register for the next teleseminar.

Please tell your friends, neighbors, partners, and folks in your user group.

I would love to have people get real value from this. Thanks.


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