Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Uhh . . . Nine New Podcasts Posted at Cloud Services Roundtable

Note: As these podcasts have moved to the SMB Community Podcast site, I have revised the links. July 2012. - karlp
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It's been a busy week. Sometimes I "play" in the world of Small Biz Thoughts. Sometimes I play in the world of Cloud Services Roundtable. And sometimes I'm so busy in both that things get dropped. Wednesday we've got a major press release coming out. Then Thursday I have a milestone blog post. Friday's is SOP Friday.

And with luck, somewhere in there I'll announce my new Free Coaching program.

With all the buzz, I want to make sure you don't miss some stuff over at Cloud Services Roundtable - especially the podcasts I put up in the last four days. There are two kinds of podcasts:

SMB Community Podcasts are free and available to everyone.

CSR Member Podcasts are for Cloud Services Roundtable members only. Of course, membership is only $9.95/month, and there are many other benefits. So it's worth a try (in my opinion). :-)

Here are the podcasts posted in the last few days:

1) SMB Community Podcast with Jeff Middleton on the MVP Roadshow
(SMB Community Podcast)

2) SMB Community Podcast with Dave Seibert on the SMB150
(SMB Community Podcast)

3) CSR Member Podcast with Arnie Mondloch from Microsoft on Making Money with Apps, Apps, Apps
(CSR Member Podcast)

4) CSR Member Podcast with Dave Sobel on the Level Platforms Roadshow and Community Groups
(CSR Member Podcast)

5) SMB Community Podcast with Jeff Middleton on the IT Pro Conference in New Orleans this Year
(SMB Community Podcast)

6) SMB Community Podcast Tom Poole from Cloud Nation on what's new with SMB Nation and the Fall Show (10th Anniversary, in Vegas)
(SMB Community Podcast)

7) Greg Starks from HP Gives a Great Intro to iQuote
(CSR Member Podcast)

8) SMB Community Podcast with Chris Bangs on the re-designed SMB Nation website, the Fall Conference in Vegas, the SMB 150 awards, and a lot more.
(SMB Community Podcast)

9) SMB Community Podcast with Dal Gemmell from Symantec on the latest and greatest changes with Backup Exec and Symantec Endpoint Security.
(SMB Community Podcast)

Most of these are 5-10 minutes, so you can download them, throw them on your mp3 player, and listen to them as you drive back and forth across town doing errands. You can subscribe to the RSS feed at http://www.smbcommunitypodcast.com/feed

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More to come!

This year, we're adding additional content and bonuses for our membership. This includes conference discounts, bonus content, and more. For more information on SMB Community Podcast, see http://www.smbcommunitypodcast.com.

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