Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Welcome to America's Tech Support

A few people have noticed that I am now describing myself as Senior Systems Engineer at America's Tech Support. KPEnterprises is going away. Mike Bayless, who was my service manager and the main techno-goober around here, has started his own company.

I am designing migration projects, managing major projects, handling customer relationships, and giving general business advice. I'm kind of the "old man" around the shop.

Plus I get to play with all the toys. When we get in new equipment or software, I get to take stuff home, set up networks, and generally geek out.

I also fill in for Mike when the tech team is busy, or when his wife is having a baby. :-)

What I'm not doing much of is re-fixing printer connections and having endless discussions with clients about why their six year old server with two gigs of RAM is slow.

We've got some really big projects signed and the next few months will be busy, productive, and profitable. ATS has a good cash flow sheet and solid financials. I am proud to be a member of that team, and to help guide the processes and procedures.

Mike doesn't post a lot on Facebook, but you can find him at

I will be writing a series of articles to update our decisions around Managed Services tools, PSA tools, etc. For the most part, ATS is following after what KPE did. But Mike is not me and some things are different.


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