Wednesday, August 17, 2011

My 900th Blog Post - Five Years and Counting

What's the deal with numbers? Nerds love numbers. So here's a few.

After five years (gulp) of blogging in this space, the second most popular post of all time is the very short one entitled "My 750th Blog Post."

That was May of last year. Now after five years of blogging, I hit the 900 mark. And I suspect I'll reach 1,000 next spring.

In my Relax Focus Succeed® seminars, I always give an example of how different your life can be in five years. That's certainly been true for me in business, in my personal life, and in the community.

I ask you to consider the last five years.

- Are you in the same job?
- Are you in the same house?
- What is your relationship with your spouse/lover?
- Do you drive the same car?
- How different are your children?
- Do you have the same hobbies?
- Do you go to the same church?
- Do you sell the same things?
- Do you hang out with the same friends?


Now consider the next five years.

- Will all those changes just happen to you, or will you actively participate in creating the new life that will emerge?

Thank you to everyone who reads this blog. Please post comments and questions. I love the dialogue!



  1. You inspire me Karl. I have been blogging 7 months and sit at 110 posts. I wasn't going to start till I could post on a regular basis as you do.
    Thank you!

  2. Thanks, Steve. I enjoy it. And I appreciate your support.


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