Thursday, August 11, 2011

Business Continuity Planning: A Service You Can Sell - and Everyone Needs!

As the IT Consultant and a true "Managed Service Provider," you are in a unique position to be the person who can be a hero to your clients when disaster strikes.

If your plan includes cloud-based recovery that can be executed without relying on client personnel, you can get the company “back in business” while owners and managers are busy taking care of their people (and their families). If you create Business Continuity Plans for a number of clients, you’ll be well versed in what you need to do. So, just like being prepared for a fire, you’ll know what to do in a disaster.

There can be very good money in developing business continuity plans for your clients.

For more details on this, see my recent article on the Doyenze blog: Business Continuity Planning in the SMB Space.


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