Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jim Locke: A Powerful Force in Our Community

I am very sorry to be writing this note about my friend Jim Locke. Jim, an absolute leader and promoter of the small business I.T. community, passed away August 15th.

Jim was one of the original founders, and the principal leader of SMBTN - The SMB Technology Network. This group was formed way back in 2004 to help small computer consultants get ahead. The group was designed to empower SMB consultants, to educate them, and help us grow as a community.

Jim was always promoting our community to vendors, to people who ran conferences, to consultants he met, and to the media. He worked tirelessly for years to build this community.

In 2009 Jim was named SBSer of the Year by SMB Nation. And he certainly deserved it. Jim was the driving force in a number of conferences over the years, primarily through SMBTN, but not exclusively. He was a constant presence at SMB Nation events and the Southern California I.T. user groups.

There are only a handful of people who have been a driving force in our community for the last seven or eight years. Jim Locke is certainly on that list.

I am honored to have known Jim, to have worked with him, and to call him my friend. He will be missed. My prayers are with his family.


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