Saturday, April 18, 2009

Microsoft and Erick Simpson Giving Away Software

Erick Simpson is working with the LET - Local Engagement Teams -- to sign up more partners.

To that end, he's putting on a webinar entitled How Microsoft can help Jump Start Your Prospecting along with "MJ" Murphy from Microsoft.

Join the webinar on Tuesday April 28th at 9:00 AM Pacific and learn how to receive up to 5 FREE copies of Microsoft Software to Jump Start Your Prospecting.

Says Erick:

    Are you a Microsoft Partner? If you are, Microsoft will agree to sponsor up to 5 local Chamber of Commerce events at any Chamber of Commerce you choose to work with by furnishing up to 5 copies of a Microsoft Software Package (Microsoft Office, MSFT Streets And Trips, SBA, etc) to you to be used as raffle prizes at these Chamber Events.

    This is a tremendous way for you to generate leads for your products and services as you collect business cards or registration forms for these raffles!

    Once again, our special guest will be Michael "MJ" Murphy, Business Development Manager, Microsoft. Together we'll discuss how to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity from Microsoft.

    Click here to register!

    All you need to do as a Microsoft Registered, Certified or Gold Partner to receive this benefit is agree to attend each Chamber Event and conduct the raffle of the Office Prize. This gets you in front of local business, demonstrates your relationship with Microsoft and builds your credibility in your local markets - YOU WIN!

    When marketed with your local Chamber of Commerce, this acts as a hook, creating fresh buzz around the Chamber events and driving attendance - THE CHAMBER WINS!

    The Chamber helps get the word out about Microsoft software and its sponsorship of the event - MICROSOFT WINS!

    Wow, I've heard of win-wins before, but this is a 3-way win!

    Join me for this valuable Webcast to learn how to position this opportunity with your local Chamber of Commerce and utilize Free Microsoft software to increase leads and fill your opportunity pipeline.

Of course, knowing Erick, there will be a lot of good content here and not just the details you've already read. So check it out and then start making a list of local chambers!

Click here to register!


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