Tuesday, April 28, 2009

HTG Wrap-Up by Stuart Crawford

A Note from our friend Stuart. As you've seen on the blogs, HTG Summit just concluded in Dallas. In addition to working on our own businesses, members explored the future of our industry.

Stuart helps us look into the future a bit . . .

Says he:

    IT Thought Leaders Converged on Dallas. Will it ever be the same?

    Small Business IT Thought Leaders and Industry Experts recently invested an entire week to focus on the growth of their businesses. The Heartland Tech Group movement founded by Arlin Sorensen in 2001 as a purchasing group just finished their first annual HTG Summit where over 300 partners gathered in Dallas. Want to know what came out of it, well tuned into Small Business IT Radio on Friday, May 1st 2009 to learn how the cloud will impact your managed services business, what disruptive technologies are on the horizon and how will your business change because of it. How important is marketing and sales to a managed services provider these days? What about financial benchmarketing, why is this important?

    HTG brings together IT partners from three countries quarterly for in depth, highly focuses and stressful (in a good way) business development and growth focused peer groups that hold each member accountable for the success and challenges in their business.

    Tune in Friday May 1st to learn more, showtime is 12 Noon Eastern/9 AM Pacific Time - tune into http://www.blogtalkradio.com/smb/2009/05/01/Thought-Leaders-Converged-On-Dallas.

    Hosted by Stuart Crawford from Bulletproof InfoTech in Calgary, AB, Small Business IT Radio is a weekly program geared on providing valuable business information to managed services providers, IT Professionals and business owners throughout the globe. Tune into http://www.smallbusinessitradio.com to check out our archives.


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