Friday, April 10, 2009

Announcements from SMB Books: Amex, Catalog, and Zero Downtime

Some days I just get excited about all the fun things I get to do on my job.

I don't have a job description you find in the newspaper. It's more of a job description you build by working really hard to build a business that's designed to make you happy.

Anyway, that random thought popped into my head so you have to read it while looking for real content. :-)

The world is a better place because I don't Twitter.

- - - - -

Back to the point of this post:

We have three announcements from the world of SMB Books.

First, we now accept American Express for online sales.

Oddly enough, we went through a long process to make this happen in early 2008. And I thought we were done. Until last week when a seminar attendee complained about it.


We got to the 1 yard line. But I fumbled.

So, if you've been avoiding SMB Books because we don't take Amex, your long national nightmare is over.

In fact, we've decided to have an American Express Sale. Use the coupon code AMEX09 and receive 5% off any order. No minimum. You don't have to use an Amex to use the code. Expires May 31st 2009.

Anyway, pull out your plastic . . . and sign up for a seminar while you're at it!

Second, SMB Books will soon be mailing out our first ever COLOR catalog. We are very proud of it.

Don't miss your copy. About a thousand of you are on our email list but not on our physical mailing list. If you have NOT received a postcard from SMB Books in the last six weeks, that means we don't have your mailing address.

Go right now and sign up: Sign Up Here.

We won't sell your name or address. We won't rent out our list. We won't fill your mailbox with crap.

But we WILL send you a great catalog. Don't miss out. Sign up now.

(Another 6.7 billion of you are not on either list.)

And thanks go out to the folks who make the catalog possible:

- Zenith Infotech

- Technology Marketing Toolkit

- Managed Services Provider University

- Reflexion

- Connectwise

- Exchange Defender

- ARRC Technology

- Third Tier

- Autotask

- MSP On Demand

Third, SMB Books has officially inked a deal to be a sponsor at SMB Nation - Fall Conference 2009 in Vegas. October 2-4.


Since we will soon have a new book on Migration Strategies for SBS 2008 (and SBS 2003), we are holding a major seminar in Vegas on October 1st.

PLEASE plan to arrive a day early. This seminar is all day (9:00 AM to 5:00 PM). Yes, it costs serious money. But there is a 100% guarantee that you will save or make at least One Thousand Dollars by using the migration strategies we present.

This seminar will be a serious, technical, click-by-click guide to Zero Downtime Migrations. The price of admission includes

- The new Network Documentation Workbook (a $300 value!)

- A complete ZDTM binder with 100+ page SBS migration checklist and all related tabs and organizational materials

- Lunch, of course

- Plus a complete audio program on Selling and Quoting Zero Downtime Migrations

- Access to the members-only web site and blog dedicated to Zero Downtime Migration strategies

Sign up at SMB Books Seminar Page. And don't forget to use the Amex09 code to save 5% right now.

Put it on your Amex!

And we'll even send you a free color catalog.

- - - - -


1) It's good to be me.

2) I love what I do.

3) I do what I love.

4) We take American Express

5) Please give us your mailing address so we can get you a great catalog

6) Sign up for SMB Nation so you can visit our booth

7) Sign up for the All Day Deep Dive on Zero Downtime Migrations

And thank you to the entire community for making it possible for me to enjoy my job every day.


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