Friday, April 24, 2009

HTG Successful - Now the Work Begins

The HTG Summit is organized a little differently from other conferences because its membership is divided into gaggles of 12 members each. Members of some groups are facilitators for other groups. So they can't all just meet at once.

At this event, half the groups meet Monday/Tuesday and the other half meeting Thursday/Friday. In the middle, there's common content starting Noon on Tuesday and ending Noon on Thursday.

Anyway, the usual suspects are all here . . . including great content providers like Erick Simpson and Joe Pannettieri.

One of the benefits of a peer group is that collaboration can take place between organizations from across the country (world). One of the benefits of a group of peer groups is that a much higher level of collaboration can take place across a much larger collection of like-minded individuals.

HTG has evolved to be an excellent forum for some very powerful initiatives. For example, the medical vertical will experience swift and dramatic changes in the next two years. Only a handful of people will be able to prepare, certify, create programs, and capitalize on these changes at the highest levels. One power collection of such organizations is forming here this week. They will lead the way in a highly profitable series of technology changes.

- - - - -

But here's the deal with Opportunities:

  • 80% of the people who could take advantage of them won't. They won't see the opportunity at all. They're busy making a dollar today and they never raise their head to see the future.

  • 80% of the remaining business owns will SEE the opportunity but will not act on it. They're either too busy to retool, unwilling to take a risk, or they delay getting in on the ground floor.

  • That leaves about 4% of the original businesses to commit to a vision of the future and make it happen.

Cloud computing is coming. No is clear what that means, but it seems inevitable.

Government regulations are about to double like the national debt. No one give out hundreds of billions of dollars and doesn't ask for a little something in return.

Government regulation means consulting opportunity.

Doctors, Lawyers, Accountants, Bankers, Realtors, and lot of others will soon find massive regulatory changes. They won't know how to react.

You can't specialize in every vertical.

But you should educate yourself on one or two and start figuring out what the future looks like. 96% of your competition will exclude themselves from the fastest-growing, most profitable stage of any changes that are coming.

Choose now to succeed and use this time to retool your business for success.

- - - - -

Every time I go out of town, I bring back more work for my staff.

At least they can't say it's a boring place to work.


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