Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jeff Middleton Conference Call Posted

I have posted the SMB Conference Call with Jeff Middleton from yesterday.

I apologize for the sound quality. Due to a series of circumstances I did not foresee when I scheduled the call, I was in an airport. And the end is cut off.

The content is good, but you have to put up with some quality issues to get through it.

Also: For everyone who tried to get in through the web, I apologize that the web component was not available to me yesterday. Those who called on the phone were fine.

I'll try to get that messaging out for the future.

The call is posted on the SMB Conference Call page.

I believe that's all the apologies for today.


Please join Jeff and me (and my co-author/brother Manuel) for our preday event for SMBTN's SMB Summit. Find out more at SMB Books.


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