Saturday, May 10, 2008

Welcome to My Business

In New Orleans. Having a good time.

But I got a very odd question yesterday. A gent came up to me and asked why I don't do what I tell all of you to do: Run a Managed Service consulting business.

I was quite taken aback.

Maybe it's because the "brand" for my book sales and the "brand" for my technology company are different.

Let me be very clear.

I own a small consulting practice based out of Sacramento, CA called KPEnterprises Business Consulting, Inc. We are a pure MSP (managed service provider), with 100% of our clients on flat fee managed service agreements. I founded the company in 1995.

We manage almost 600 machines at this point. We use Kaseya, Zenith Infotech, and ConnectWise. [update: In Q4 2008, KPEnterprises switched to using Zenith Infotech and Autotask. We no longer use Kaseya or ConnectWise]

How can I travel to all the events I attend? Well, notice that I didn't say I "run" the company. I do sales and marketing for KPEnterprises. Daily operations are in the hands of my President, service manager, and brother Manuel.

I can travel because we have a system that doesn't chain me to the desk. And, to be honest, a technology business can be 98% remote these days. After all, we manage systems from Connecticut to San Francisco. Having me be somewhere in between is just another day.

Our company is absolutely NOT a break/fix, fly by the seat of your pants, learn-as-you-go business. We operate with focus and intention. There are no amateurs in our business.

And now Manuel is in New Orleans with me. He will also be going to a conference in the fall.

So not only have I extricated myself from the business, but he has, too.


The bottom line: I do what you do. I write about what I do. I've grown KPEnterprises from one person to eight.

So if you see me at a conference, please note that I'm not "just" an author. I deal with clients every day. I deal with strategy every day. I'm one of the technicians. I'm a network architect.

Oh, and I write the occasional book.

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