Friday, May 02, 2008

Almost Time for New Orleans

If you are goign to NOLA for the SBS Migration conference, be sure to plan an extra afternoon for my big seminar with Matt Makowicz. The feedback from our last seminar was very positive. This one will be even better!

For details, see

Special Deal

Every person who registers for this conference will receive their choice of any one book by Matt or me. The value ranges from $20 to $100. Your choice.

So that makes the seminar essentially free. Which means you get food, a book, and a great seminar for one low price.


If you can walk, crawl, fly, drive, or hopscotch to New Orleans on May 8th, we'd love to see you there.

Anyone who is already going a day early should make a point of dropping in. Any who hasn't yet decided to go a day early should jump at this opportunity.

See you then!

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