Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Two Major New Sites

Today we are happy to announce two new resources for the SMB Community.

If you've ever attended the monster conferences (e.g., Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference), you know that they just don't fit in one or two hotels. So there are lots of hotels. And it's expensive. And, to be honest, it loses a bit of the small-time feel that makes the SMB space so comfortable.

Well, friend, SMB Nation has grown up. Too big for the Microsoft conference center. Won't fit in one -- or two or three -- hotels.

So SMB Books is happy to announce that we've set up two resources to make your life better.

First: The SMB Rides-N-Rooms Yahoo Group.
Doug Geary did this for SMB Nation a few years ago and it was great. This site is intended to be permanent and to address all events for the SMB Space. So if you're going to any event and want to see about sharing a ride in a car, or a limo from the airport, or sharing a room, etc. -- This is the place for you.

This site lists the major links related to the Preday Events of the conference.

Lana, who works on my staff, has also created an amazing resource for helping you find the right hotel.

You select the area of town, get a map of all the hotels, with contact information and estimated room rates.

Lana will be monitoring the Yahoo Group when she's not shipping out books or doing other stuff around the office. She will also take feedback on the web site and update information, or provide additional information if she can.

Our goal here is to start building the community even before we get to Seattle!

First Important Task for SMB Nation

Get a hotel room!

The absolute first choice hotel rooms are at the Marriott. See the first listing in "Area 1" at The conference rate is $199 and the regular rates are $269-289.

This hotel will sell out FAST. Get a room now. Do not wait.

Every other hotel is farther from the conference center.

Call the Marriott and make sure you get the SMB Nation rates.

And make sure register to arrive Friday, October 3rd so you can attend the big Preday event. Don't argue with me on this. Ask anyone. You will be upset and sad if you miss this event.

Got get that hotel now.

SMB Nation isn't like other big conferences. It is geared straight at the SMB space. So that means we don't have corporate expense accounts. And if we can save a few bucks on gas, and make a new friend in the process, then let's do it.

I welcome your feedback. Please check out the site. If we can make any changes that make it more usable and helpful, please let us know. Please give feedback via the Yahoo Group because Lana spends less time in airplanes than I do.

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