Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm a Nerd

Okay. True Confessions time.

I'm a nerd.

It's not that I long to be cool and find myself picked last for dodge ball. Oh, no. This is much deeper than that.

One week ago last night I was in New Orleans with 150 nerds. What were we doing? Getting drunk? No. Not so much. Throwing beads at enhanced coeds? No. Sorry. Hacking the widescreen TV in Erick's room so we could hook up our laptop and share our favorite You Tube Videos and Ipod Videos? YES! That's more like it.

And this week?

I imaged my old 75GB drives on my home desktop to 300GB drives (x2). With my external USB drives, that brings the total storage space to 1.2 TB! (Let's be honest: it's just barely 1 TB usable.)

Oh . . . and I finally got my 5.1 stereo system connected to my Audigy SZ2 sound system so I could digitize my record collection. Uh, yes. Record as in vinyl, although many of my 1,500 LPs are older than vinyl. And my 1,600 78 RPM records are definitely not vinyl.

That involved a 7-input, 3-channel mixer. Because I don't care what anyone says about digital: the closer you are to analog, the better.

And if you don't know who Xavier Cugat is . . . well, I can't help you there. Chile Con Cugie.

Last week was a good week. And, as I look back on a memorable week, the best time I had was re-wiring my home office. I'm not kidding you: The only thing I lack is a broadcast tower and I'll have my own radio station here.

78. 80. 45. 33. Reel. Casette. CD.

Oh, and there might be an MP3 around here.

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