Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Soliciting Your Requests

Over at SMBBooks.com, we're trying to build a resource for the SMB Community.

The basic idea is this: Amazon might sell a lot of stuff, but they don't focus specifically on US. Between books written by people in our community (Harry Brelsford, Erick Simpson, Matt Makowicz, Beatrice Mulzer, etc.) and White Papers written by people in our community (you), we want to build a place that Amazon can't build.

We don't plan to sell bird baths, sex videos, Harry Potter novels -- or sex videos of Harry Potter in a bird bath.

The first phase of evolution is pretty much complete. The second phase has begun: Adding resources other than the core books in the space. We've got DVDs from the SBS Migration Conference, Results Software, and a small collection of business books.

The third phase of our plan to take over the world is to add additional titles.

Here's What I Need

Thing One:
I need your recommendations. What books do you have on your shelf that we should all have on our shelves?

These can be product-specific (SBS, CRM, SQL, etc.), general technology, or business-related and extremely useful for SMB consultants.

Please look through your bookshelves and send me your recommendations.

NOTE: When Eriq Neale and Harry Brelsford (and others) release their SBS2008 books, we'll do whatever it takes to carry them. Don't worry about that. I need to know what ELSE to carry.

Send recommendations to [email protected].

Thing Two:
I need white papers. These are brief how-to essays about some area at which you or your company excel. For example, we have the Hardware as a Service white paper. Dave Sobel is working on a Referral Marketing white paper.

You might not have a book in you. But a lot of people have a best-practice white paper just itching to get out.

Think about all the great hallway conversations you've had at various seminars and conferences. Don't you wish these people would each write just one best practice white paper?

If you have an idea for a white paper you'd like to write, please send your recommendations to [email protected].

- - - - -

These things cost money, and we can't stock everything out there. But I REALLY want your input.

We want to stock the best resources we can for the SMB Community.

Thank you.

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