Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dana Epp Conference Call Today

Don't forget to join me at 9:00 AM Pacific today for an interview with Dana Epp from Scorpion Software. If you want to learn a bit about the "next level" of security for the SMB space, this one's for you.

And Dana and I have two very special give-aways we'll announce on this call. So tune in and get both of them!

I also have a special co-host today: Dave Sobel, an award-winning Partner from Washington, DC market. Dave is going to be working with Vlad on the new, cool SBS Show.

But today Dave's going to make sure the interview goes well as I fend my way through the airport en route to New Orleans.

Too many cool things going on is this space! Catch up today at 9:00 AM Pacific.

Conference call details are at

See ya then!

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