Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MSP Tech Talks in June

Last week I presented on the SMB Nation MSP Tech Talk series. I'll be presenting again at the end of the month. In the meantime, here are the webinars scheduled for the next few weeks. More information at

Threat Landscape Report

June 14th
12:00 Noon Pacific Time

Douglas Jose Pereira dos Santos

This report identifies the threats and trends IT security professionals, from CISO to Security Operations, should be most prepared to address. It draws from the  vast array of network devices and sensors within production devices, comprising billions of events and incidents observed in live production environments around the world between January 1 and March 31, 2017. Read about the risks of encrypted network traffic, the widening repercussions of ransomware, and potential exposures sorted by infrastructure, industry, and region.

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Azure Active Directory

June 21st
12:00 Noon Pacific Time

Grant Thompson

Learn about Azure Active Directory. We will cover some of the top features, including a demo of enabling them and time for Q&A.

•    Activate Azure AD for O365
•    Customize Azure AD Branding
•    Single sign-on
•    End-user app launcher (MyApps)
•    Multi-factor Authentication
•    Overview of Azure Active Directory Domain Services

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Branding. Every Single Thing You Do Is Your Brand!

June 28th
12:00 Noon Pacific Time

Karl Palachuk

Branding isn’t about your logo or your business cards. Join author and trainer Karl Palachuk for a wholistic look at your business. Karl shows how every single thing you do in your business determines your brand – including those things the client never sees.

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Sign up for all three. I'll see you on the 28th!

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