Sunday, June 25, 2017

Ken Shafer says I've done what Microsoft failed to do ...

I just finished the Seattle and Portland seminars for the SMB Roadshow. I got some great endorsements (which I'm posting on my YouTube Channel). But I wanted to highlight a few very enthusiastic videos here.

Ken from Portland says:

"Hi. I'm Ken Shafer with Agape Computing in Salem, OR.

Karl Palachuk has just done what Microsoft has failed to do by training the partners, managed service providers, and resellers in how to actually implement cloud services. Including checklists, business strategies, sales strategies, and most of all the technical implementation part that has been missing from larger cloud vendors. Thanks, Karl!"

- - -

Steve Banks from Seattle says:

Steve Banks from Seattle says, if you haven't see the roadshow, "You are missing out!"

- - -

As of this blog post, there are only 15 more stops on the 2017 SMB Roadshow Tour. Do yourself a favor and sign up today!


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