Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cloud Services Roundtable (and Karl) Evolves to the Next Big Thing

One of the interesting things about "living out loud" is that you expose the world to parts of your personal life. And if you don't manage that well, you give up some of your privacy.

Many people might be surprised, given my activities on Facebook and this blog, that I have all kinds things in my personal life that you don't know about. On a few ocassions I have had to actually ask people to keep some of my personal stuff off the blogs, etc. The primary example of this is my divorce a few years ago. But there are other things as well.

I only tell you all that to tell you all this:

I have been implementing a series of major changes this year. I've added a few things, removed a few things, and changed a few things. The overall effect is to help me move closer to the life I want (personally and professionally).

Today I am announcing that I have disbanded the Cloud Services Roundtable. That URL now points to its replacement, the SMB Community Podcast. Really attentive people will note that I've been using that name for some time, sprinkling SMB Community Podcasts in with the member-only podcasts.

Effective immediately, all of my public podcasting will be done through SMB Community Podcast.

All Cloud Service Roundtable podcasts have been moved over to the SMB Community Podcast site and are available free to the public. Very shortly, all of the old "SMB Conference Call" podcasts will also be housed there. (They are currently hiding over at the Great Little Book web site.)

Stops and Starts

Awhile back I announced that I was putting an end the Promotion Monkey Newsletter and the Freeday Friday call-ins. See the blog about that. Now I am putting an end to the CSR - even though it was a paid subscription program.

A few days ago I announced that I am taking on some coaching clients.

All of this is intended to help me move toward my big picture. I want to write more. I want to do more speaking and more training.

I'm not done evolving, but the last month has certainly brought some major changes that will help me move in the direction I hope to go.

Thanks for coming along for the ride.

Check out those archived podcasts!



  1. One of the most important things in life, if you are willing to work toward it, is to do something that you are passionate about. I send my best wishes for a sucessful transition to the Next Great Thing that you will do and at which I know you be successful.


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