Monday, July 09, 2012

SMB Community Survey: Changes with Microsoft Programs and the SMB IT Business

Okay, folks. Let's gather a few numbers.

Recently, two major announcements came out of Microsoft.

1) SBS Standard is going away at the end of next year. SBS Essentials is being folded into the Server 2012 family.

2) The SBSC program is going away. Instead, you are encouraged to gain a "Silver Competency" in Small Business from Microsoft's Partner Network.

Tell us how you feel about this! Please fill out the form here:

And we'll distribute the results.

This survey is open until end of day Friday, July 13th (US Pacific time zone).

Thank you for your participation!



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  1. Anonymous8:46 PM

    I'm very disappointed with this move by Microsoft the SBS brand is well known and respected now when I walk into a clients office I need to talk about either a very large on premise cost (manual setup) or buying the basic server and adding cloud services two deployments two things to bill for and some of these clients have large files and small internet connections.


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