Friday, January 01, 2010

Goodbye and Thank You to the SMB Conference Call

The last of the SMB Conference Calls have now been posted online. As always you can find the conference call archives at The SMB Conference Call Page. The final shows are . . .

#53: Erick Simpson from MSP University

#52: Bryan Young from Intel

#51: Vlad Mazek from Own Web Now / Exchange Defender

Thank you to the entire SMB and MSP community for your support over the last two years. But the time has come to put the SMB Conference Call to bed. In all you'll find recorded shows with the following guests:

Aaron Booker -
Amy Babinchak / Eriq Neale - Third Tier
Amy Luby - MSPSN
Bob Godgart and Bob Vogel - Autotask
Brooke Ferguson - Business Backpacker
Bryan Young - Intel Corporation
Clint Gatewood - Zenith Infotech
Dave Sobel - Virtualization
David Politis - Vocalocity
David Schrag - Successful Sole Proprietor
Erick Simpson - MSPU
Eriq Neale - SBS 2008
Frank Coker - Corelytics
George Sierchio - Business Coach
Hank Cranmore - Community Leader
Harry Brelsford - SMB Nation
James Foxall - Tigerpaw
Jeff Middleton -
Jerry Koutavas - ASCII Jim Locke - SMBTN
Joe Panettieri - MSP Mentor
Joe Paquet - Axis Business
Josh Peterson - Taylor Business Group
Larry Kesslin - Culture of Accountability
Manuel Palachuk - Zero Downtime Migrations
Mathew Dickerson - Small Business Rules
Matt Makowicz - Ambition Mission
Mike Iem and Arlin Sorensen - SMBTN / HTG
Naseem Saab - Results Software
Philip Elder - SBS 2008
Robert Crane - SharePoint
Robin Robins - Technology Marketing Toolkit
Stuart R. Crawford - IT Success Mentor
Stuart Selbst - Coach
Todd Lay - Simple Back Office
Vlad Mazek - Own Web Now

And More!

Thank You to My Guests. And a special thanks goes to those who appeared more than once. I know these people are very busy and don't get paid to give us their wisdom on this show, so I certainly appreciate their contributions.

So What's Next?

One of the reasons I started the SMB Conference Call is that no one was doing this sort of thing. My good friend Vlad had stopped doing the now-famous SBS Show. We filled an obvious gap. We also had a lot of fun doing it. Now there are several podcasts addressed to the SMB space. In addition, many vendors are doing weekly or monthly webcasts.

In 2010 we are going to change our direction and focus more specifically on a topic that will be extremely important to all of us who work in the SMB and MSP space. We're going to present it in a different way -- and with a very special partner.

Please plan to join me for a special broadcast:

Wednesday, January 6th at 9:00 AM Pacific / 12:00 Noon Eastern

Karl Palachuk's

2010 State of The Nation Address for SMB Consulting

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