Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Donate to Haiti Earthquake Relief and Get a Bootcamp Seat from Robin Robins

Even if you ignore the news, I'm sure you're aware of the recent earthquake in Haiti that has killed hundreds of thousands of people, devastated the island, destroyed virtually every building, and left over a million people homeless.

You can't go there even if you want to. The Red Cross and other disaster relief agencies and encouraging donations rather than adding more people to the island.

Now you can contribute to Haitian relief and get something valuable for your company in the process. Robin Robins (of Technology Marketing Toolkit fame) is holding an amazing boot camp April 14-17 in Nashville. And she's making a special offer to encourage donations to Haitian earthquake relief.

If you make a donation, Robin will give you a free seat to the boot camp. Just the food, handouts, and materials are worth several hundred dollars, so

1) This has real value

2) You should give as generously as you can to the Red Cross or your charity of choice

For more info and the official announcement, see Robin's Site: How To Get A Free Guest Ticket To My Boot Camp While Helping Out a Great Cause


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