Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Few Hours Left to Save on Autotask Live and SBS Migration Conferences

There are plenty of events in the SMB space this spring, and I give all the details in my weekly SMB Email, which you can sign up for at the Great Little Book web site.

But I want to make special note of two events whose prices go up tomorrow:

Two big conferences end early registration tonight. Save yourself a bunch of money and break out the credit card now.

I'll be attending both of these and hope to see you there. After all, I want to share a vendor-sponsored beer!

1. Autotask Community Live

MAN we had a blast in Nash-Vegas last year. Tons of content. Great atmosphere. Very educational.

And before the price goes up, I got my registration for Autotask Live at only $295. You can too!
The big live event is April 18-20 in Miami, FL.
Visit Autotask Community Live for registration details.

Plan on the big Pre-Day festivities. April 17th all day. You'll need to come a day early. We're right on the ocean and there are all kinds of hotels just a few blocks away, but AT has made arrangements to get the excellent conference rate a day or two early. So plan to arrive a day early and do the pre-day events.

2. Jeff Middleton's SMB IT Pro Conference in New Orleans

The SMB IT Pro conferences, sponsored by, is being held May 28-30 in New Orleans. We're at a great hotel literally on the edge of the French Quarter. If you were at the first SMB IT Pro conference in NOLA, this is the same hotel. Jeff Middleton always does a great job and this will be another wonderful gathering of international talent in the SMB Space.

The price goes up $100 tomorrow and is only $295 today.
Visit for all the details.

I bought two paid tickets to this event and will be bringing at least one hanger-on. I'm leaving May 31st (Memorial Day). I look forward to seeing you there.

- - - - -

Whether the economy "is" recovering or "will" recover, you can certainly afford to invest a little something in your career. These conferences are a great opportunity to come up to speed with what others are doing in your profession, how they solve problems, and how they make money.

I've never attended a gather of I.T. professionals that wasn't a great, educational experience.

See you there!


Join Karl for a Zero Downtime Migration Seminar

New Orleans, March 17th

Miami, FL, April 17th

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