Sunday, January 17, 2010

Join Me In Vegas March 1-3 for SMB VOIP Conference

Well . . . Harry did it again.

Don't miss the first SMB VOIP event that is focused on allowing you to own the entire SMB stack at your customer sites: Voice and Data.

As we move to cloud-based services, one of the services your clients will need right away is Voice Over IP. Either you sell it to them or someone else will!

This event is primarily two days (March 2-3), but there's registration and reception on March 1st. So plan to come that day and hang out with a whole new crowd of VOIPers and SMB consultants. Who knows? You might even have a chance to buy me a vendor beer!

As Harry says, "If you missed the first SMB Nation in Indianapolis in 2003, this is your chance to 'make good' and attend the first SMB VOIP event and ride the VOIP wave in SMB! Don't miss out!"

Workshop Overview

Attend this inaugural event and experience the opportunity to delve deeply into the SMB VOIP space in this two-day intensive conference. This workshop is designed specifically for two communities:
  1. SMB data network consultants/resellers/VARs/channel partners who started with network infrastructure services (e.g. Small Business Server and other solutions) and want to ADD VOIP solutions and consulting services to their customer offerings.
  2. Telecom interconnects and agents who want to master the SMB opportunity and implement best practices such as becoming a Managed Services Provider (MSP).

The agenda has been carefully crafted by SMB and Telephony VOIP masters! The content addresses specific real-world actionable go-to-market SMB business and technical advice required by all channel partners seeking to immediately ride the VOIP Wave!

Long anticipated, the convergence between data networks and voice networks is finally occurring in the SMB space. This workshop is well-timed to spur, cultivate, enhance and motivate the new SMB VOIP community. This is your chance to BE THERE from the START!

SMB VOIP is launching inside of the well-established Channel Partners show to bring together the best of both worlds. Telecom interconnects and agents have the chance to welcome SMB technology consultants. And vice-versa. The hidden jewel of this workshop is the “Hallway 101” phenomena where delegates talk to each other and share experiences in the SMB VOIP community.

Telephonation Vegas

I'll be walking the halls -- and presenting! Meet me in Vegas, Baby!


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