Monday, January 18, 2010

Zenith Infotech Announces Launch of Zenith University

Zenith Infotech partners - and prospective partners - take note. Just received this missive:

    Zenith Infotech is pleased to announce the launch of Zenith University – an online Learning Management System (LMS) designed to provide 24/7 interactive training on all Zenith products. Zenith partners and their staff can launch web-based training simulations as well as take certification exams to confirm their product understanding. Zenith University provides three types of content:
    1. Basic content which is open to all Zenith Partners beginning with the evaluation period,
    2. Managed Services Infrastructure (MSI) content which is unlocked with the LearnMSI enrollment key, and
    3. Business Continuity (BDR and ARCA) content which is unlocked by enrolling in the new Zenith Certified Partner Reseller (CPR) program (contact Zenith to enroll).
    To begin, navigate to Click the Create new account button in the lower right to create your account and verify your status as a Zenith partner. Once logged in to the system, browse the list of over 35 courses and enroll in any of the available trainings. Contact your Account Management Team for more information about this new learning resource from Zenith Infotech.

Sounds great. Can't wait to see how it takes our product knowledge to the next level.


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