Friday, January 29, 2010

Use Tiny URLs Strategically

I'm sure you're familiar with Tiny URLs. You go to, enter any web address, and it returns a very short redirect URL that brings up your much longer location. For example:

One of the coolest features is one that I rarely see used. Instead of the random location (/yf7t292) you can request a specific address. If it's available, it's yours permanently.

Obviously, this is very handy for URLs that you use multiple times when posting to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Tiny URLs are also great on PowerPoint slides -- especially if they're customized.

For example, here are some custom Tiny URLs I have registered:
This goes to the Cloud Services Roundtable free public broadcasts page.
This is a client-facing site for KPEnterprises.
A shortcut to the Sacramento Speakers Network, a group of successful speakers who meet every month.
Points to (Sacramento's premier Microsoft certified Small Business Specialist), the consulting business I run.
Points to the email sign-up page for Great Little Book / When I encourage people to sign up for my weekly consulting email, this is the URL I use.
I did a Twitter-based contest in December and created this URL for that. Note that this one is very reusable. Because the URL says quiz and the landing page actually says quiz, I can reuse this for any quiz I happen to put up.
Points to a specific blog post about ordering a free copy of the SMB Books sampler CD.
Points to our user group, the Sacramento SMB IT Professionals.
Points to the "What's New" page at

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Blog Fodder

Whether it's for the SMB consulting community or your end-user client audience, I hope you have a folder somewhere with Blog Fodder. That's what I call all the clippings and notes and stuff that I might some day blog about.

I keep a small file there called !Tiny URLs.txt. It lists all the reusable Tiny URLs I've created over the years. It starts with ! so it's at the top of the file listing and makes it very easy for me to copy and paste these URLs into Twitter, etc.

As you can see, it's pretty easy to create your customized Tiny URLs. I've been very pleased with how many are available. Apparently, not many people use this feature or my life would be a lot more difficult.

Try it.


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  1. The genius that is Karl comes through - again! What a great tip. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  2. Thanks Bob. Owe you that beer.

  3. Karl, I have heard that some Content Filtering devices such as SonicWALL are filtering TinyURL and the others like and Shifting gears now to my SEO business, I do like the use of smaller SEO optimized URLs for business. Good ideas and something I use all the time.


    Stuart Crawford
    ULISTIC Inc.

  4. Karl - great tip.

    Do you use services such as - which allow you to track click-thru's on TinyURLs?

    Sadly it appears don't allow Custom URL's as TinyURL currently do - but I'm sure there are alternatives to out there...


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