Monday, September 21, 2009

SMB Nation Donates $1,000 worth of Books for Our Big Prize Wheel

Thank you Harry B. and SMB Nation for donating a big box of books for our Big Prize Wheel at SMB Nation!

I've mentioned several times that SBS Consulting Best Practices is the best book Harry ever wrote.

I wish more people would pick this one up. It's kind of a hands-on application of The E-Myth Revised for I.T. consultants.

Harry refers to it as business primer or MBA book. I think that's true. If you're new to this business - or just haven't read it for some reason - I highly recommend this book. It will give you a framework for thinking about your business and moving forward with an eye on the role of business owner and not just a technician with a business.

Part Finder, Part Minder, Part Grinder.

Finder Minder Grinder.

- - - - -

For a chance to win these or hundreds of other prizes, please visit our booth at SMB Nation.

See you in Vegas, Baby!


Now Shipping:
The Network Migration Workbook:
Zero Downtime Migration Strategies for Microsoft Networks

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