Tuesday, September 29, 2009

George Sierchio Donates Books and Coaching Sessions to The Prize Wheel

Thank you George Sierchio for donating books and Coaching session for our Big Prize Wheel at SMB Nation!

George's Book - B.Y.O.B. Build Your Own Business, Don't Be Your Own Boss has just been released and is in it's second edition.

In addition, George has donated five $100 coaching sessions!

You may know George from his seminars, including Consulting & Service Business Success System - now available as a Book in a Binder plus 6 Audio CD’s.

George is a well-known business coach for I.T. Professionals and has an extensive technical background himself. You can hook up with George at SMB Nation.

And while you're at it, Please drop by our booth at SMB Nation for your chance to win!

- - - - -

Here's some contact info on George:

- Email [email protected]

- web www.actionbusinesspartners.com

See you in Vegas, Baby!


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