Thursday, September 17, 2009

Robin Robins Donates $6,000 in Prizes for Our Big Prize Wheel

Our big Prize Wheel give-away is looking great for SMB Nation.

Remember to come visit us in booth 119. Spin the Prize wheel and win!

We have received hundreds of donations from partners in the community. Tens of thousands of dollars worth!

Here's a great example:

- Robin Robins donated six sets of her amazing 3-Day Marketing & Money Making Boot Camp 2008.

There are 3 components to each set.

1. Audio set (white square box)
2. Workbook (3-ring binder)
3. Genius League entries (spiral book)

This is The 2008 Marketing & Money-Making Boot Camp in a Box!

This program is a recording of Robin's 3-day milestone seminar where her top clients revealed their BEST strategies, secrets, and discoveries that helped them generate extreme leaps in profits, growth, sales and personal income in an incredibly short period of time.

You'll also hear industry experts like Paul Dippell reveal how to compensate your technicians in a managed services AND break-fix module to maximize their performance and utilization, Gary Pica on growing (and selling) your managed services practice, Robin on never-revealed before strategies for building a highly-effective marketing system in your business, Google SEO strategies from one of the top ten Google AdWords consultants in the world, legal requirements for managed services providers, how to secure free PR, and much, much more.

How do you get this?

Well, you can buy it from Robin for $997 or drop by our booth at SMB Nation and spin the big Prize Wheel. You might just win!

- - - - -

See you in Vegas, Baby!


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