Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Matt Makowicz donates over $1,000 worth to The Prize Wheel

Thank you Matt Makowicz / Ambition Mission for donating books and MP3/Audio programs for our Big Prize Wheel at SMB Nation!

Matt's two great books, A Guide to MARKETING Managed Services and A Guide to SELLING Managed Services are among the standard in our industry.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or new to selling and marketing, these books will give you a huge step-up. You'll need to read with a pen in your hand so you can mark them up and take notes.

Matt has donated several of each book, plus a few copies of the Enhanced version of A Guide to SELLING Managed Services in audio MP3 format - with the MP3 player!

Please drop by our booth at SMB Nation for your chance to win!

- - - - -

Here's some contact info on Matt:

- Email [email protected]

- web www.ambitionmission.com

See you in Vegas, Baby!


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Vegas October 1st

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