Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Important Info: Register that Migration Book!

If you've purchased The Network Migration Workbook - Thank You!

Now the fun starts.

Go to and register your book. You could also go to if you don't love typing out zero downtime migration.

Once you register, you will have access to all the digital content. This includes . . .

- The Eight Chapters in PDF format

- The 200+ page SBS 2003 Migration Checklist in .docx format

- The 200+ page SBS 2008 Migration Checklist in .docx format

- Excel spreadsheets for quotes, fully burdened labor costs, etc. from Chapter Four

- Sample Visio diagrams

- Member forums (a member is a book owner)

- Private Migration Blog

- and more

The registration process is a little cumbersome. Please be patient. We want to be careful to restrict access to people who have already purchased the book.

To Register

When you go to, click on Register Your Book on the left navigation menu.

Note: You will need your Order ID from Great Little Book/SMB Books.

If you bought the book on Amazon or from another online reseller, we have no record of this. You will need to demonstrate proof of purchase. We're very friendly and we'll work with you on this.

Once you complete that form, you will be a "Registered" Level Member and have access to all the free, public information.

Next, we will verify your Order ID and activate your Full Member status. At that point you will have full access to all the Member Content.

What We're Hoping For

We want to make the Zero Downtime Migration site a useful tool for people doing migrations.

At some level we all do migrations all the time. The big migration - replacing one core server with the entire company on it for a newer core server - is really just a series of discreet migrations. On top of that, we migrate from one router to another, one switch to another, one email provider to another, etc.

So we've got a place where people can discuss strategies, post up their checklists, trade information, and fine tune their processes.

In many ways, even our 592-page monster book can't cover everything there is about migrations. We have several cases where we show you how we configure our preferred tools, but you'll have to substitute your checklist.

Firewalls are a great example. How could we cover every firewall and security device out there? We can't. And, besides, you might configure the same firewall in a different way. So trading checklists and discussing why we do things the way we do can be extremely helpful.

On another front, we had to just stop writing the book at some point. So we don't go into depth with regard to Windows 7 and SBS 2008. Then there will be R2, upgrades to Exchange, SQL, etc. Oh and Blackberry for Server 2008, new versions of Backup Exec, and Diskeeper for the virtual environments.

The world keeps spinning.

So we want the site to be a "live" place where updates can be posted.

Eventually, we'll break out the Our Favorite White papers section so that it can be kept up today as the world evolves and members make recommendations.

Bottom line: We're hoping this site will add a huge value to the physical book.

If you want access but don't want to buy a book, you have two options:

1) Send $10,000 in USD twenty dollar bills to KarlP care of SMB Books,

2) Or buy the book!

Bonus for Far-Flung Readers

If you are in the UK, we have pretty quick turn-around because we are having books printed and shipped from the UK whenever possible.

If you are in the US, we're obviously shipping as quickly as we can.

If you are in New Zealand, Australia, The Philippines, South Africa, Israel, Russia, etc. -- fear not. We're sending books as quickly as we can. But if you have your SMB Books Order ID, you can register online and download the content as soon as your Membership has been confirmed.

Let the fun begin!


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