Thursday, October 02, 2008

Virtualization Seminar on DVD

Getting ready for SMB Nation preday. Last minute post before I get on the airplane.

Dave Sobel gave me the excellent news yesterday: The DVD Seminar on Virtualization is real. It's alive. It's in his suitcase and on it's way to Seattle.

Dude! It's Virtually Awesome!

You know Dave Sobel: Award winning owner and CEO at Evolve Tech, a Microsoft Certified Partner who has made quite a name for himself. (More info on a previous blog.)

Dave and I put on a 4-hour seminar on Designing, Implementing, and Making Money with Virtual Environments.

We had it video-taped and produced into a very professional DVD set. For people who would rather listen while driving and not watch the DVDs, we're also including the seminar on audio CDs.

Here's what we cover:

- Virtualization Basics

- Designing a Virtual Environment

- Virtualization Tools

- Right-Sizing Your Hardware for Virtualization Success

- Implementing a Virtual Project - Profitably

- Managing the Virtual Environment

- Licensing Scenarios

- Building the Future: Hosted machines, instant backups, fast implementations, and more.

This 4-hour seminar on DVD will sell for only $149.95.

But you can order the whole package right now at the introductory rate of only $99.95.

More information is available at SMB Books:

Please post comments and questions here.

Check it out.

and I'll see you in Seattle at the big Absolute Best Practices Seminar.

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