Thursday, October 23, 2008

Hosting an Extreme Makeover

Here's an idea for pumping up some attention for your business.

Stuart Crawford's team put a lot of work into creating their own "Technology Makeover" event. Obviously, a lot of work went into lining this up. Perhaps Stuart will write up a white paper on how to create a Technology Makeover event!

From his announcement:

    IT Matters would like to announce the launch of our 2008 Calgary Extreme Office Technology Makeover contest. This event will see one lucky Calgary Small Business win $50,000 in new technology and support from IT Matters and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. This contest is open to all small businesses throughout the city of Calgary who feel it is time for a change on how they use technology inside their business.

    With great sponsorship from:

    DELL Canada
    Microsoft Canada
    Kapsersky Lab
    itControl Suite
    Research in Motion
    eKzact Solutions
    Clearpath SEO
    Abcan Audio Visual and
    many more great sponsors

    The winning Calgary small business will have the ultimate small business computer network and business solution to drive them forward in 2009.

    Solutions ranging from:

    Windows Small Business Server 2008 (officially to be launched Nov 12, 2008)
    Windows Vista
    Office Professional 2007
    DELL Vostro Workstations
    DELL PowerEdge Servers
    Syspine Response Point Telephone Systems
    Internet Security and Spam Filtering technologies
    Website Overhaul and Search Engine Optimization package

    The Extreme Office Technology Makeover contest will bring one lucky Calgary Small Business into the modern era of technology. Flyers are available today. For complete rules and to enter, visit our website at

Good job, Stuart.


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