Thursday, October 30, 2008

Blog Rolling Part I

Well, I'm breaking down and making a change here at the SmallBizThoughts Blog. I'm adding a Blog Roll. It's like an honor roll for blogs.

I have to apologize to everyone whose blog is not listed here.

In fact, that's why I took so long to do a blog roll in the first place.

My basic approach to adding value to the SMB discussion has been to contribute where I can make the most difference. The result is that I don't cover all the things that someone else is already covering. For example, I've made no effort to be a technical guru. It's not that I don't have the knowledge, but this is already being doing in other places.

Same with blog rolls. If you read five blogs, you've probably been exposed to 80% of the active blogs in our space.

So I've avoided trying to be a resource for blogs. I know myself and I know I can't put up a blog roll without occasionally reviewing it to make sure it's got the right resources, and not too many, and drop the ones that fade away. etc. etc. etc.

But yesterday a friend said I should do it, so here we go.

I'm adding blogs a few at a time so you know why I try to check in on these blogs. So the blog roll will grow over a few posts.

First up is Harry Brelsford / SMB Dude /
Harry certainly does not have an anonymous blog.
Founder of SMB Nation, and much of our community, Harry is the guru of the SMB and SBS world. Find out about upcoming conferences, new book releases, Harry's newsletter, one-day summits, and much more.

Wayne Small / SBS FAQ /
Wayne is an MVP and all around great guy. In addition to the technical side, you'll also see some of the horseplay side of the SMB community.

Susan Bradley/ SBS Diva /
Susan is . . . the SBS Diva. She just is. People settle arguments by making reference to this blog. Make this part of your daily habits.

The official Microsoft SBS Blog /
Factory fresh and official home of SBS knowledge in the U.S.
This one is not quite anonymous. No name presented on the blog shell, but each posting is attributed to an author.

The SMB Conference Call /
Okay. Self serving. But I think worthwhile.

More to come.


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