Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog Rolling Part II

The Blog Roll continues.

Blogger has a cool little tool just for blog rolling. I've picked a couple of options. One is to include the title of the most recent post for each blog. Another is to sort the blogs in order of most recent post.

One of the benefits of any blog is that there are updates. "What's New" is what's news. So if bloggers generate more news, they move up on the blog roll. People who blog once a month will be at the bottom.

Truth be told, if a blog is only updated once a month, I drop it from the list.

Here are the latest additions to the blog roll:

Vlad Mazek / Vladville /
Vlad provides one of the most consistently interesting, entertaining, and useful blogs on the Internet. Vlad's not a small business consultant like most of us, be he has a LOT of SMB consultants as his clients. As a result, he has an excellent view of what our businesses and business processes look like.

Robbie Upcroft / SBS Down Under /
Robbie is the Microsoft's SMB Man in Australia. Formerly their Man in the UK. And before that, their Man in Australia. While this is a bit of an anonymous blog, I assure you that you'll find great information here. This is not the official Microsoft site in AUS, but has advantages too.

Richard Tubb / TubbBlog /
From the other side of the globe is Richard Tubb way over in jolly old England. News, notes, tips, and tricks. He's got it all. A nice variety of information from across the pond.

The Official Microsoft Exchange Team Blog /
This blog is straight from the factory. Filled with answers and the occasional question. Tips, tricks, and product previews. I know it's not SBS, but everyone in I.T. needs to keep up to speed on Exchange. I am proud to sport a license plate frame from this blog: You had me at EHLO.

Mark Crall / SBSC & MSP Buzz /
This is about halfway an anonymous blog. At least when you see the picture, you know what the author looks like. Good news, events, and even a few technical tips from an MS PAL.

More to come.



  1. Anonymous4:52 AM

    Sorry Karl but the "About Mark" link is about half way down on the right. I guess that is how a blog looks when the author isn't trying to sell books. ;-)

  2. Ok. Still, your name does not actually appear on your blog.



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