Saturday, August 01, 2020

New Webinar: A Deep Dive into Strategic Bundling!

Last week, I presented The Value of Strategic Bundling along with Justin Gilbert from Zix | AppRiver. That was part one of a two-part series.

The New Webinar is: A Deep Dive into Strategic Bundling!

August 13th, 2020 
8 AM Pacific / 10 AM Central / 11 AM Eastern

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Creating Bundles - Part Two: Deep Dive

By now, you know that bundles are magic. Last time, we talked about bundles generally, and how a good bundle will help you make a lot more sales. 

In this webinar, I walk through the key elements of building bundles that sell. This includes selecting core services, addressing client needs, and maximizing profit. Building bundles is a lot more complicated than simply adding a name to the services you’ve always sold. 

In the era of ransomware and compliance, your bundles need to address the core challenges of your clients as well as your business. 

We'll look at (among other things):

- Where do you start?

- Building the Core Bundle - for all clients

- Building the "Platinum" Bundle

- Adding Security or Vertical-Specific Bundles

- How to present your bundles so they are 100% customer focused

I've written many books for IT service providers, and several of them discuss the bundles we've created over the years. Now I'm teaming up with Zix / AppRiver to present this concept in a webinar and answer your questions live.

Join Join Justin Gilbert (Sr. Director Channel Marketing, Zix | AppRiver) and me for this deep dive into the do’s and don’ts of building bundles to meet the modern challenges of IT consulting.

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Free, of course.

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Webinar One was: The Value of Strategic Bundling

The recording for that webinar is here:

and the slides in PDF format are here:


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